WordPress: ‘Nope, It Wasn’t Us’

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Not that it’s my fault or anything, sez the WordPress Happiness Engineer, that on Jan. 17 my viewer numbers crashed and have yet to come back–and it’s certainly not their fault, either, they hasten to add. Blame it on the Bossa Nova.

To remedy the situation, it is suggested that I “develop a social media presence.” Does that mean “Go out there and irritate people?” Maybe do some videos with a sock puppet. Yeah, that’ll pack ’em in.

They hint that I might write content that’s a wee bit more provoking than my usual fare. Heck, that’s what TV noozies do. But I’d really rather stick to telling the true, as far as humanly possible. I realize that slams the door on my career prospects in cable nooze, but I can’t help it.

Anyway, I haven’t done anything different, WordPress hasn’t done anything different (so they say; honk if you believe them), and the only idea I have left is to try to get my Twitter page up and running again. Or should I try another platform altogether–something new, maybe? I’ll have to ask.

Meanwhile, this blogging year got off to a great start and then hit a trip-wire…

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  1. I wouldn’t go to Twitter–they are banning conservatives on a daily basis. I have actually deleted my account there in protest. I am weaning from Facebook slowly. If you want to expand into social media, try MeWe and Gab. They won’t harass you or play games with your content or followers, and people have started to flock there in huge numbers. Hopefully Parler will survive and come back.

    1. Thanks, Allison, I’ll ask Jill to hook me up with one of those.
      But next week we’re going to try Twitter again, just to see what kind of numbers (if any) it generates.

    2. Somehow, being kept off of mainstream social media doesn’t make me feel too bad about myself. I know that Facebook and Twitter are used for business, so I understand why people use these, but I think that they will go, evermore, in the direction of political correctness.

      As a person that works in network security, I take great exception to platforms that encourage people to share personally identifiable information over the Internet. That’s not a great idea.

    3. Well, the whole idea was, “Where should we advertise my books?” Twitter and Facebook seemed the obvious choices.

      Very oddly, I haven’t been openly censored by Facebook lately. Last year it happened a lot. That’s why I posted pix of happy puppies on posts that were likely to get censored.


    4. It’s very unfortunate, but censorship is happening. Look at what happened to Parler.com. This is real, and if one does not go along with the mainstream, they are likely to be cancelled. The Mark of the Beast is coming to fruition.

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