We Gave Ourselves a Fantod

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I’m sitting at the table the other night, finishing my supper, facing our living room window. It’s a winter night and the wind has sprung up.

And outside–! Out there, someone is bobbing around, trying to look into our apartment. Holy cow. I mean, that can’t be good! World’s full of crazies, isn’t it?

But then I figured out what it was that I was looking at, and I called my wife over so she could sit in my chair and see what I saw. She saw it, all right.

We have a plastic jack-o’-lantern hanging from a tree outside, and the wind combined with a trick of the light made it look like some stalker in a hoodie. Maybe we’ve heard too many stories about that.

It’s always nice when a sharp little scare turns out to be some silly thing that can’t possibly do you any harm.

Wish the nooze was like that.

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