Tyranny without Government

Bank of America employees march in a “pride” parade. They’d better, if they want to keep their jobs.

There are many things that the Constitution doesn’t let the government do to us. So the great discovery in the 21st century is… the bad guys don’t need the government to bully you! Not when they can get Big Business and Big Tech to do it for them.

Take Mass Resistance, for instance–a pro-family organization dedicated to resisting the homosexual movement. According to the Constitution [break for sardonic laughter] we have a right to oppose political programs with which we disagree: so the government, unless they’re in a mood to get creative, can’t openly punish you for doing so.

But they don’t have to! Mass Resistance’s bank, after a nod from Organized Sodomy, shut down their credit card processing. No one allowed to do business unless they’re LGBT-approved! The lights almost went out for Mass Resistance before they found another bank that let them in.

But see, this is where we are in America today–crouching behind the shield of “It’s our private business!”, big corporations hop into bed with Far Left Crazy and create–trumpet fanfare, please!–the Cancel Culture! Government doesn’t need to ship you to the gulag: “private business” will shut you out of civil life. Somehow you can’t use that excuse to keep people out of your country club; but now you can use it to get them kicked out of their jobs.

And the government stands with its hands in its pockets, whistling “Barnacle Bill” while all its critics and dissidents are crushed by “private business.”

We’re losing our freedom almost faster than I can write about it.

All that stuff about how great it would be if we didn’t have to be “under God”–well, that was just a bunch of stuff, wasn’t it?


10 comments on “Tyranny without Government

  1. Depends on which god people are under. Moloch has been doing pretty good business lately. So have the various other gods and goddesses of perversion and destruction. More and more I’ve begun to understand why God kept telling the Israelites to stay away from their pagan neighbors.

    1. I’ve been wondering about that. You can’t kick someone out of your restaurant because you don’t like his politics–but you can kick him off your social media platform?

    1. Tyrants have never had it so good! Now they can completely circumvent the Constitution by having corporations do their dirty work.

    2. And in return the corporations get special breaks from the government, such as government contracts or laws and regulations that handicap their competitors.

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