Cats Go Nuts for Snow

Oh, to have the fun these cats are having! We’ve got heaps and heaps of snow–why am I not out there sledding? Making snowmen? I don’t know how this happened, but the sledding hill at Tommy’s Pond has gotten a lot smaller since I was a boy. Sleds have gotten smaller, too.

6 comments on “Cats Go Nuts for Snow

  1. I just spent three days in freezing and near freezing temperatures without any heat. I’ve had my fill of snow and cold.

    1. I’m in Texas and most everyone’s power went out for a couple of days during the coldest weather we’ve had in decades. No one was really prepared for it to go out that long because it has never happened before due to a winter storm. It’s all because of poor planning and mismanagement of our power the governing body ERCOT.

    2. If it didn’t happen before, before you had all the windmills and whatnot… Are you suggesting that some leaders’ Great Ideas didn’t quite work out?

  2. I’m a bit tired of snow myself right now. But of course mid-city snow isn’t the kind one wants to play in.

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