‘So Where Do I Get the Funny Names?’ (2014)

Bell Mountain (Bell Mountain, 1) by [Lee Duigon]

My mother wasn’t the only one who was put off fantasy by the names of the characters. My wife felt that way, too–and a pretty odd way to feel, I thought, for someone who likes Russian novels.

Where do my Bell Mountain characters’ names come from?

So Where Do I Get the Funny Names?

Admit it–if you were reading a novel set in Japan, you’d expect the characters to have Japanese names. You wouldn’t expect them to be called Frank McGlothlin, Suzanne Jones, Reggie Smythe, etc., etc.

I need those funny names when I’m writing about the world of Bell Mountain. But I have tried to keep from going overboard with it.

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  1. I always thought the funny names were part of the interesting thing about stories. Even if you read history, there are funny names. The Bible is full of funny names, too. It is another point to explore; meanings of names.

  2. I love all of your funny names! They are interesting and help me to immerse myself in the varied cultures of your world, yet they aren’t cumbersome or impossible to pronounce. I think you found a great balance there. Using all plain, ordinary names in an extraordinary world would seem odd to me and detract from the reading experience. Of course, I may be biased… My characters have funny names too. 🙂 It’s a fun aspect of the fantasy genre.

  3. I like the names, and we are keeping them exactly the same in the translation into Portuguese — although some of them may seem even more peculiar in our language. The only one we’re not sure we’ll keep is Merry Mary, because we couldn’t find a way to keep the same correspondence.

  4. So far, we’re using the transliteration for Mary (Maria), and translating Merry for “Hilária” — same root of hilarious. So, Merry Mary turns into Maria Hilária. This is the best we could come up with to keep some original idea.

    1. If we were to change, it’d be to something like Felícia Feliz. This way, the emphasis would be the same, although Mary would have to go…

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