An Experiment: ‘Light Dispelling Darkness’

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This is just an experiment to see what, if anything, happens if I post something this late at night.

This weird Depression-era monument on Roosevelt Park, NJ, is called “Light dispelling Darkness.”

If you’d like to see the rest of it, just say so.

5 comments on “An Experiment: ‘Light Dispelling Darkness’

  1. I missed it last night. Had a hard day with the dog and her puppies, and the male dog. They kept me busy
    letting them in, letting them out, feeding, watering, all that dog stuff. If you post more on it, I would be interested. I’m always curious.

  2. A lot of the New Deal WPA “art” was left-wing agitprop, often done by outright Communist artists. So yes, “Stalinist” is a good term for it.

    Yes, Lee, let’s see the rest of it.

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