Exit February


(The girl who looks just like Ellayne!)

Still plenty of snow on the ground, expensive car repairs looming, no one here is in the best of health, our country is being murdered by inches, right before our eyes–but I know that spring’s around the corner.

And Bell Mountain No. 15, whatever it winds up being called, is waiting for me to climb into the ring and wrestle with it. I hope I can get myself up for the match. It’s like Gorilla Monsoon is in there waiting for me.

When No. 12, His Mercy Endureth Forever, came out, there was some talk that Bell Mountain had gone on long enough, time to put the series to bed, sayonara, nice knowin’ ya, etc. I don’t know. Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote a couple dozen Tarzan books. I haven’t counted the number of books in Walter R. Brooks’ Freddy the Pig series. Or Hal Goodwin’s Rick Brant. To say nothing of Hercule Poirot, Inspector Ghote, or Ed McBain’s 87th Precinct series, with its 54 books. If I thought my Bell Mountain books were no longer worth reading, I wouldn’t write any more of them. But I don’t think that

Writing is hard! Unless you’re one of the chosen few allowed to stand on the tip of the pyramid and get your grocery list published, you just never know if your work has any merit.

But spring is in the air, Gorilla Monsoon is waiting, and it’ll soon be time to rassle…


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  1. Hello Lee,
    My wife and I love the Bell Mountain series and we are working on its translation into Portuguese for Monergismo (a Publishing House in Brazil). We’re finishing Thunder King and hope to get the 4 first volumes published this year, God willing
    So, let me ask: We didn’t get how Jack, Ellayne and Martis knew that Obst and Helki were in the Lintum Forest, and that Ryons were appointed king. Could you give us a clue?

    1. On their way back from Bell Mountain, to try to find the lost book, they stopped in Lintum Forest and met Helki. But Obst was still with the Heathen army then. I’ll have to refresh my memory!

      Please keep me posted as to your progress–it’s very exciting news.

  2. Right! They’ve met Helki in Lintum before going to Old Obann. The doubt is about Obst and Ryons.

    In the second book (p. 279) Ellayne mentions that Obst is in Lintum Forest. After that, in the third book, Ellayne, Jack and Martis are not yet in Lintum Forest when they encounter the attakkots and are relieved that they belong to King Ryons. The problem is that they couldn’t know about neither of them, since they were in Old Obann when Ryons was made king and Obst came back to Lintum Forest. What am I missing?

    I’d have one more question concerning the map — if you want to talk it over through email it’d be fine.

    We’re quite excited also — especially my wife. She got 12 vol. as a gift and already read it all. We’re finishing the translation of the 4th book, and have made good progress in the 5th. I’ll keep you posted!

  3. Sure thing! So, here it goes…

    The map shows Cardigal as being in the north bank of the Imperial River. But by the description of Cellar Beneath the Cellar (chaps. 22 and 24) it seems that the city extends across the river to the south bank (the area were the Chariot meets the Imperial River). Is this assumption correct?

    I ask because I doubted it when, in Thunder King, Cardigal is destroyed by the Heathen in the south bank, and after that (chap. 12) they get boats in Cardigal to cross the Imperial start the siege of Obann.

  4. I guess the link would point to the first print of Bell Mountain. Is it?

    Our editor has decided to reset the project and start anew. The aim is to have the same translators all the way in order to be more cohesive.

    So, we plan to have a second print of the 1st volume along with a first print of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th volumes.

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