Dialogues with Cats

These videos always remind me of my cat, Henry, who used to argue strenuously with me, word for word, over who should have custody of the little plastic pieces in the Strat-O-Matic game. Some cats would have just tried to grab them and run, but Henry insisted on a full-bore debate. I don’t know how I ever finished a game, once he got going.

4 comments on “Dialogues with Cats

    1. My cat has her normal voice, and then, under certain circumstances, she uses her Siamese voice, which is impossible to ignore.

  1. I had one cat that chirped as he walked around the house, but he didn’t invite me to join in the conversation. Iggy usually leads off the conversation and pauses for me to answer — or clean out his litter box. He’s trained me to recognize and obey his different commands.

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