Seattle Bike Helmet Laws: (Gasp!) ‘Racist’

Could Your Bike Helmet Pass This Test?

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All right, sure, everything is racist. In the dying city of Seattle, the newest racist cause celebre is bicycle helmet laws. They’re racist (

Disclaimer: I don’t wear a helmet when I ride my bike. I think they look silly. But then I don’t ride my bike on the highway or anywhere else where there’s lots of traffic and a risk of getting killed. Poor Oscar, right here in our apartment building, tackled the highway on his three-wheeler last year and got killed–helmet and all. The helmet didn’t save him, Staying off Route 27 would have.

Now, how do we know the helmet law is racist (other than the fact that everything is racist)? Easy! A grad student who is a big fan of (Only) Black Lives Matter has done a “study” that says so. The study concludes that Seattle police “target bicyclists of color” for not wearing helmets. Even though there aren’t really many tickets written in any given year.

So now the wokies want the law repealed. I don’t know why you have to have a law to make people wear helmets while they’re biking in the city–even a failing, moribund, crime-ridden city like Seattle. Fall off the bike–or get pushed off–and hit your head on the curb and it’s lights out, charlie.

Let’s bet on the city council going along with the repeal to prove they’re woke, too. Activists will then have to find something else to condemn as racist.

What will that be? Maybe we ought to get a pool started.

3 comments on “Seattle Bike Helmet Laws: (Gasp!) ‘Racist’

  1. And when the first bicyclist-of-color is killed while not wearing a helmet to ride his bicycle, the wokists will claim that the repeal of the helmet law was racist. Betcha?

    1. They love to set it up so that you’re a racist if you do it and a racist if you don’t.
      We need a backlash of Biblical proportions.

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