‘Well, Then, Should I Just Change My Value System?’ (2014)

Bell Mountain (Bell Mountain, 1) by [Lee Duigon]

We never have to wait very long for this to come up–attacks on Christianity by worldly folks who think they know better than the Bible. So I re-run this post every now and then.

Well, Then, Should I Just Change My Value System?

The damnedest thing is that they actually do think they can get us to give up our Christian faith, as if pleasing them were more important than pleasing God. And they think they’re tempting us by offering us STDs, atheism, race riots, an all-devouring government, and all the rest of their Far Left Crazy menu–and those are just the goodies.

God protect us.


7 comments on “‘Well, Then, Should I Just Change My Value System?’ (2014)

  1. Wasn’t it Hillary who said, during her 2016 campaign, that Christians were just going to have to change their long-held beliefs? Well, we got a four-year reprieve from that project, but now the leftists are really revving up for the coming attempt at forced conversion. They’re even writing some of it into Congressional law (viz. the “Equality” Act). The rest is being taken care of with court cases and with good-old-fashioned censorship, blacklisting, slander, and physical intimidation (viz. BLM and antifa).

  2. Yes, and now we have Jerry Nadler making the bold statement that congress is not to follow the Bible
    (Not a direct quote, but the meaning is there). I’m sure it is still posted somewhere in case you hadn’t seen it yet.

  3. When we were at the Orthopedics today the PA made the common comment that no matter how bad one’s circumstances it was better than the alternative (death). I had to correct him by telling him our names are written in heaven and we can hardly wait to go there to enjoy our reward.

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