‘Are Cyber-Friends Real Friends?’ (2017)

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If you’re new here, you may be wondering what you’ve gotten into. Like, is this one of those awful blogs where everybody always tries to one-up each other?

We like to think we have a safe harbor here, a place of refuge, a gathering of friends. We may not be able to sit on the porch together, but we can pray for one another.

Are Cyber-Friends Real Friends?

Yeah, I know, I’ve gone all sappy on you. But I don’t care. You can be sappy when you’re among friends.

7 comments on “‘Are Cyber-Friends Real Friends?’ (2017)

  1. I certainly like the blog format better than the saccharine world of social media, where people are “friended” and “unfriended”. I left such nonsense behind in grade school.

    1. Now if I could only get the viewer numbers back up to where they were in November and December, and the first half of January. I still have no idea why they crashed on Jan. 17 and have never bounced back.
      But maybe today they will. I live and work in hope.

  2. Good for you, Lee. Yes, I am feeling somewhat better today- at least able to keep a little food in my system,
    but still awfully weak, with vertigo and serious fatigue, but I’m surviving – I think. Thanks for asking.

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