‘O Worship the King’

This was the first hymn I learned how to play on my harmonica–O Worship the King, sung here by the Pilgrim Mennonite Mission choir. Background sets by God the Father.

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  1. We sang this in (required) choral music class in high school.

    I use the word “we” loosely. I actually was in the Listeners’ section — those of us who had (shall we say) severe pitch problems and were told just to move our lips without making a sound. We all learned to be wonderful lip-sync performers, complete with such emotive facial expressions and gestures that our teacher occasionally had to tell us to stop hamming it up because we were distracting the altos. (We sat next to them.) We didn’t think that would matter much, since the alto parts were usually almost monotone lines anyway, but we obeyed … for a while.

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