“‘We Need a Disney Princess Who’s…’–Never Mind” (2018)

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Every now and then, Far Left Crazy goes too far and has to pull back, the public having reacted to them with disgust and anger. Like the time Keystone Planned Parenthood tweeted that “we need” (who’s we?) “a Disney princess who’s had an abortion!” And that was just for starters.

‘We Need a Disney Princess Who’s…’ –Never Mind

What I don’t understand about this age we’re living in is why we have to tolerate all the abominations that the leftids heap on our culture–I mean, sheesh, isn’t that whole “Disney princess” thing bad enough just as is?

We could so very easily do without it.

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  1. What I’m finding irritating is people projecting things onto older movies. Like calling Mulan the first “trans” Disney character. ??? Bizarre.

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