‘Baseball’… vs. America!

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The Georgia Legislature is trying to reform its state’s election laws–to avoid a repetition of the confusion and corruption that surrounded the 2020 election.

And “Major League Baseball,” the bloated entity that replaced the American and National Leagues, says it will punish the state by pulling the All-Star game from Atlanta in protest against the reforms (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/04/03/heritage-action-executive-director-mlb-has-weaponized-baseball-maybe-they-should-move-to-beijing/).

Our professional sports leagues don’t much like America. They’ve made that abundantly clear. First the National Football League and the National Basketball Association, and now–I grieve to say it–baseball. They want to “demonstrate our values as a sport,” the baseball commissioner babbles.

Note: Latest polling shows almost 75% of all Georgia residents, including 63% (!) of the state’s black voters, in favor of the reforms.

Baseball doesn’t want to see elections that Democrats can’t rig.

To hell with them.

And they’d better pray that that doesn’t turn out to be literally true.

10 comments on “‘Baseball’… vs. America!

  1. President Trump is calling a boycott of the MLB and the 20+ corporations that are trying to punish Georgia. Fake president Biden lies about the reformed election laws in Georgia and the Left in unison has a knee-jerk reaction without even reading the new bill itself – this is frightening stuff.

    1. I would love to see the public abandon pro and college sports. Leave ’em high and dry and see how they like it.

    2. There’s a dividing going on. Many people are embracing human authority and turning their backs on Divine authority. To many people, anything that stands agains Divine authority is just fine.

    3. They don’t care. This is about rejecting or accepting Divine authority. There are people that would prefer a harsh human dictatorship to submitting to God’s moral requirements. This dividing is foretold in scripture.

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