Cats Want Air Time, Too!

The people in these videos might have saved themselves some trouble if they’d only made up their minds to let the cats hold center stage. Admit it–you’d rather watch the cats anyhow.

5 comments on “Cats Want Air Time, Too!

  1. The cat with the professor cracked me up every time that tail went across the professor’s glasses or mouth.

    1. I assure you, they do. A couple of days ago, my cat decided to attack the power cable feeding my computer. I was on the phone with someone, and I think that the main purpose behind her actions was to gain my attention. She doesn’t always consent to share me with anyone else. 🙂

    2. Churchill was once on the phone with an Air Force general (no portable phones back then), and one of his cats kept pouncing on the cord. Churchill snarled, “Get off the line, you bloody fool!” Then had to call the general back and… er, explain.

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