Please Don’t Get Scammed

Inside An Indian Scam Call Center! (Spying On The Scammers) - YouTube

Patty has been watching YouTube videos created by persons trying to protect people from phone scammers operating out of India. There are many such videos

You’d think no one could possibly get hosed by someone with a thick Indian accent, calling himself Joe Black or John Brown, who doesn’t know the victim’s street address or social security number, pretending to be an agent of our Social Security Administration who should have that information on file right in front of him and not have to ask for it–I mean, really, this guy tries to get you to wire your life savings to him… and there are people in America who fall for this? Really? They actually go to the bank and withdraw, oh, $20,000 or so… and send it to this guy? Holy Moses.

‘Cause if you don’t send the money, “law enforcement” will very shortly arrest you, and you’ll be charged with drug trafficking, money laundering, credit card fraud, and anything else they might think of.

People fall for this? There must be an awful lot of terminally gullible people out there, because there’s now a whole army of scammers preying on them.

We get a passel of these phone calls every day. We just hang up, because we know it’s garbage.

I very much doubt the readers of this blog would get suckered into this; but for mercy’s sake, please spread the word! Friends don’t let friends, family members don’t let other family members, get taken in by phone scams.

I wish I knew what happened to the common sense that would ordinarily protect Americans from scam artists.

But then look how so many of our elections turn out.



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  1. Yeah, I have gotten one or two of those stupid calls, and lots of others begging for money for the Trump campaign, and car warranty scams. It is just a time wasting annoyance, but to think there are people who actually fall for them is amazing and disturbing.

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