Noozie: ‘White Kids Have to Die’

CNN's Cuomo mocked for Trump mask criticism after breaking own quarantine |  TheHill

Giving vermin a bad name

Slime artist Chris Cuomo has left another trail across America’s TV screens, race-hustling and pandering like his life depended on it (

I’m at a loss for words. “Putrid?” Will that work? “Hypocritical” is 100% accurate, but way too gentle.

“Maybe we shouldn’t even have police anymore,” Cuomo said, putting on what Fox News described as a “hypothetical accent.” “White kids have to die,” he said, before there can be any meaningful police reform. It won’t happen “until white people’s kids start getting killed.”

“Vermin?” “Far Left catamite”?

He, of course, doesn’t have any children; but he’s perfectly willing to sacrifice yours.

Shame on anyone who watches his show. Even at its best, TV nooze is garbage. And Chris Cuomo is very far from being the best.

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  1. Somehow, I get the feeling that our time will, someday, be looked upon with the same revulsion we have for what was happening in Germany, during the ‘30s.

  2. America is one of the least racist countries in the world. This systemic racism talking point is straight from the pit of hell, and that is where all who are pushing it are headed if they don’t repent.

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