Yanks, Mets to Demand ‘Vaccine Passports’

What MLB teams are charging for cardboard cutouts | Newsday

What’s wrong with this picture?

Toldja this would happen! Toldja, toldja! Can I call ’em, or what? I was on this weeks ago, and now the rest of the commentariate is catching up to me. No nod to me, though, for being the first to see it coming.

The New York Yankees and the New York Mets have announced that if you want to come into the stadium and watch a game this season–20% capacity allowed–you have to show a “vaccine passport”–either prove that you’ve had the vaccine, or prove you’ve been tested negative for King COVID (https://www.reuters.com/article/us-baseball-mlb-nyy-nym/fans-allowed-at-mets-yankees-games-with-proof-of-vaccine-or-negative-covid-test-idUSKBN2BA2X1). At Yankee Stadium they will “require” you to take a test.

And it’s all just as I said. Rather than pass flagrantly unconstitutional laws that’ll get smacked down in court, the government can step aside and let the private sector make a shambles of the 14th Amendment (equal protection of the laws). “We don’t have to create two classes of citizens with different rights! We can let the Mets and Yankees do it!”

Although why anyone with even a smatch of self-respect would ever attend a “Major League Baseball” game is a mystery to me…Not after they signed a sweetheart deal with Communist China and attacked Georgia’s desperately-needed election reforms. A plague upon their house.

Let’s see… You can’t refuse to serve someone in your restaurant because he’s a Democrat, or a trannie… but you can refuse service if he doesn’t have a vaccine passport? Honk if that surprises you.

But as soon as Science can guarantee a germ-free environment, they’ll give us back our rights.

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