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Hi, this is Jill. I am Lee’s webmaster. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the issues do stem from Facebook but I’m going to try to make it a little easier for you to know when Lee posts. There are two options on the sidebar:

  1. The subscribe via email will allow you to put in your email to be notified of every post Lee makes. When you subscribe this way, an email will be sent asking you to confirm you subscription. When you confirm your subscription you will be taken to your Subscription Settings on WordPress. Here you can say whether you want these immediately, daily, or weekly. Pick the option you want and Save Changes.
    • Then above you will see “tabs” that will say: Sites, Comments, Pending and Settings. Click on the Settings option. Make sure “Block Emails” is not checked. If it is uncheck it and Save Changes again.
  2. The second option for following Lee’s blog is the Follow button on the sidebar. It will say Follow if you are not already ‘following’ Lee’s blog here at WordPress. If it says following then you are already done with that button. This is where that blocked emails comes into play. That setting (see option 1) will prevent notification via email if you are already following. This follow makes all Lee’s posts come up on your Read page.

As to whether or not FireFox could be the problem. It is possible. I have noticed in other instances of web projects and ebook projects that FireFox doesn’t always work as it should. I’ve used Microsoft Edge as an alternative when things like this happen. I haven’t totally abandoned FireFox because while it has its problems it is still a fairly good browser.

Lee and I have also discussed the possibility of shadow banning via Facebook. That is extremely likely. I know he’s tried tricking their algorithms with pictures but it is possible any entity on Facebook who had been actively banned in the last year could be shadow banned now.

I would ask if you are on Facebook checking out what people are posting and you are friends with Pat, but are never seeing post for Lee; then something is going on there. There really isn’t much that can be done about that except circumventing them by signing up for email.

Also, as suggested I have checked the few plugins Lee’s site is using and I can’t see why these would be an issue. It is possible and update did have an error in it but the only way to change this is for the plugin to update again. The only plugin that could be an issue is the one that gives you all the ability to sign up for email. To remove it would be to cut you all off. I don’t want that to happen so I’m hoping checking your settings and a future update will resolve notification problems.

As to Facebook, time will tell.

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  1. Thanks for your message, Jill. I think the problem may be the recent change made by my computer program. The whole look of it is different, and sometimes confusing. I will see if my grandson, the computer whiz can straighten it out when he gets times.

  2. Shadow banning is a very real possibility.

    Personally, I subscribe for email notifications. I’m not particularly trusting of Facebook. I use Safari as a browser, most of the time, using Firefox or Opera if there is a compatibility issue. On my work computer, I use Edge. I’m not a big fan of Microsoft, but I have to say that Edge is pretty decent.

    1. I feel the same. I’m not a big fan of Microsoft but their browser Edge works well when I need it.

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