Trying to Fix This

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I’ve been a long time on the phone with Jill today, trying to figure out what’s gone wrong with this blog and how to fix it. She thinks she has a way to solve the problem of readers not getting their notifications, and she’ll post it when she’s sure.

But she also suspects Facebook is shadow-banning me for certain content, and I think she may be right. Gonna have to go back to illustrating those posts with pictures of happy puppies. That might fool the algorithm into thinking the post is harmless.

Because we don’t need no stinkin’ free speech in America! How dare I suggest that the last election wasn’t kosher? How dare I snipe at The Regime’s COVID policies?

So it’s back to the happy puppies, and we’ll see if it works. I haven’t had to use them in several months–which may indicate that FB has been shadow-banning some of my posts.

We shall see–I hope.

4 comments on “Trying to Fix This

  1. I just received a note from Jill, and responded to her. I will also try to get my computer whiz grandson to take a look when he gets a free minute or two. Today, I think, seems better.

  2. Okay, this is my third attempt to post a comment – I’ve “unblocked” the security warning on my browser. At least I have that option, instead of spinning eternally! 😀

    Facebook and Twitter have been really bad for censorship. Worse than YouTube, which is saying a lot! A lot of people get around the algorithms with things like alternate terms (I stole Schrodinger’s virus from another blogger. 😀 ), changing the spelling, or replacing letters with numerals or asterisks. A lot of people are migrating to alternative platforms. MeWe, Gab and Parler are doing well as alternatives. For video, Rumble seems to be the winner. You won’t find your hymns there, though. Not enough users uploading yet.

    1. I stay here because I’m afraid I might lose all my archives if I try to move.
      I wonder if we who are not Wokies will have to devise a whole new vocabulary if we want to enjoy anything like free speech.
      I pray the alternative platforms will prove to be highly successful.

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