How to Make Your Cat Happy

We all want our cats to be happy, right? Well, here are some ways of doing it. Spinning them around on the computer chair–yeah, I’ve had cats who enjoyed that. But holding Robbie under the faucet–no way. I don’t want my forearms turned into cole slaw.

3 comments on “How to Make Your Cat Happy

  1. Two things strike me, with regard to making a cat happy. The first, is how easy it is to do. I’m making my cat happy right now, because I’ve taken her outside, and she loves that, especially when she knows that I’m nearby, in case any wild critters show up.

    The second that strikes me, is how good it feels when I know that I’ve brought some happiness into her feline life. When I take out for a walk, give her a taste of whatever I’m eating, or do something else that she likes, she makes it obvious that she appreciates it.

    Somehow, cats seem to feel that they deserve some pampering, but I’m ok with that. They enrich our lives.

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