Let’s Have a Porch Party

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The weather’s getting nice–what say we have a back porch party? We haven’t gotten together since Christmas. All right, I just remembered I had a birthday party a couple of weeks ago. But who says you can have too many parties?

Granted, my back porch is an imaginary back porch; but sometimes that’s the best kind. You never run out of room, and the imaginary caterer never runs out of goodies. Plus you can bring imaginary treats of your own.

So we’ll have cake, cold cuts, hot dogs and grilled hamburgers,cigars, beer, soda, and some of that golden wine from Durmurot. We’ll sing, swap stories and jokes, and play board games–Monopoly, Clue, we’ve got ’em all–and horseshoes and tetherball for those who feel frisky. And Mad Libs!

You’re all invited, and I’ve also invited Norbert and the singing cockatiel. Robbie and Peep will be there, if I can coax them out from under the bed: they’re shy. And don’t worry about the weather: we have a limitless supply of imaginary weather.

Come one, come all–and you can leave the face masks behind.

11 comments on “Let’s Have a Porch Party

  1. Thank you, sounds like fun. They maybe we will get to see Patty, too. Have not yet seen a picture of her, and I’d love to see her. I’ll bring whatever kind of snacks I can find. Since it is imaginary, that should not be a problem, eh?

    1. You know, I never thought of that! I’d love to post a picture of Patty, although I don’t think I have one online anywhere. And she’s shy–even shyer than our cats. One of these folks who doesn’t like her picture being taken. Still, if I can find one–and get her permission!–I’ll be glad to share it with you.

      And bring whatever snacks you like, the sky’s the limit.

    2. Maybe Patty will agree to have her photo taken if she can pose with Robbie and Peep.

  2. Do we have any sauerkraut for the hot dogs left from the last party? I still have some pickle relish left for the hamburgers.

    Looking forward to seeing Norbert and Byron again. Not sure about the singing cockatiel, though. After the first 5,389 renditions the song might get old. 🙂

    1. Yes, we did do that. But the weather this weekend around here has been so dreary, I felt the need for another party. Which is tomorrow. Be there or be square.

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