Let the Party Begin (Or Not)

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Rain, rain, rain–it just won’t stop. Our Chewy order came this morning–amazingly, the delivery man actually put it in the foyer instead of leaving it outside to get soaked–and Robbie has claimed the box before I can even open it. What is it with cats and cardboard boxes?

I sort of feel like crawling into a cardboard box myself. But I’ve invited you all to my imaginary porch party, so the least I can do is be awake. Besides, we have lovely weather for the party.

Anyone for stickball?

Chewy boxes will be provided for those who get jealous of the cat.

8 comments on “Let the Party Begin (Or Not)

  1. Well, I am feeling to rotten to attend church this morning, so I probably won’t make it to the porch party today either. I’ll see how I feel a little later. We have a very sunny day here today, but unfortunately, the
    brightness bothers my eyes a lot, and I have to wait to get in to see the ophthalmologist next month. So….
    I never know what is next. Hope you all who can make it will have a great time. See you later.

  2. Iggy is having a bad day today, starting at 2am earlier this morning, so I’m a little too tired for stickball. I think I’ll just curl up with Robbie beside the Chewy box and munch on a hamburger. Does Robbie like to play cards? If so, I think i’m up to a game of War, which doesn’t take much energetic brain activity. Maybe Byron will join us. Meanwhile, did anyone bring potato salad?

    1. I’ve tried to teach her to play chess, but she’s 100% committed to Go Fish. I think she likes the name.
      I’m sure Byron will play War with you.

    2. Oh, goody, it sounds like a nice afternoon of cards — War with Byron, and Go Fish with Robbie. I hope the more athletic partiers don’t feel excluded. Everyone is welcome to join in. Norbert, too, as long as he promises not to lick the cards. We certainly are a diverse and inclusive group, are we not? 🙂

  3. The Chewy box sounds like fun. My little angel plotted an escape this morning. I had to resort to that one thing most feared by felines, a spray bottle full of water. At the moment, she’s pouting. I expect a make-up later this morning.

    Anyhow, it is sort of a party here. 9:15 and only 90 degrees outside. That’s mild for this time of year.

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