Our Favorite Typos

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My wife types up our grocery list, and lately she’s found two recurring typos. I wonder what they mean.

*Instead of Uncle Ben’s Rice, she typed “Unclean Ben’s.” Dang that leprosy! Or maybe it’s some ritual uncleanness that can be put right… as long as you don’t eat the rice.

*And then there’s Wishbone’s “Fate-Free Italian Dressing.” Well, that’s a relief! I mean, really–you open a bottle of salad dressing and fate comes out??? We are profoundly relieved that Wishbone has taken care of that.

*Everyone has encountered this little glitch–you want to type “public school” and it comes out “pubic school.” Which, considering the latest developments in pubic education, isn’t so far out. (Ai-ya! Did it again, didn’t I? Some typos are more persistent than others.)

What are some of your favorite typos? Share them with us–who can’t use a good laugh, these days?

8 comments on “Our Favorite Typos

  1. Auto correct has taken typographical errors to a new level. Within the last 30 minutes, my iPad decided that when I typed the word “more” I actually meant to talk about the “Maori” tribe in New Zealand.

  2. I think I mentioned this one before, but oh well:
    In writing about RedCrosse Knight in Spenser’s “The Faerie Queene,” instead of calling his journey an allegory for the soul’s journey toward holiness, I wrote “the soul’s journey toward hokiness.” When I spotted the typo, I was tempted to leave it that way.

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