Do We Believe COVID Death Stats?

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Honk if this surprises you.

Health officials in Alameda County, California, have adjusted their county’s COVID-19 death totals downward by 25 percent (

Why the discrepancy? Simple: “dying with COVID” is not the same as “dying of COVID.” So more than 400 deaths originally chalked up to COVID have had to be removed from the list because COVID didn’t kill them. They died of other causes.

We wonder. Oh, yes, we wonder. What is the COVID death toll, really? Have our Free & Independent Nooze Media tried to profit by hyping it? Exaggerating it? Have some of our officials lied to us?

It really is hard to do effective science when you can’t trust your data.

5 comments on “Do We Believe COVID Death Stats?

  1. I know for sure that there is a lot of hokus pokus going on in this. cousin of mine died late last year, and our aunt knew she died of the condition she had had for eight years, nothing to do with covid, but that was what they called it.

    1. We know they’ve attributed a lot of deaths to COVID that were really due to other causes. We know it because Dr. Birx admitted it.

  2. I knew pretty early on that the whole thing was overblown. Covid is basically just the flu on steroids.

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