‘Addicted to the Internet? Welcome to Boot Camp!’ (2018)

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Authorities in the workers’ paradise of Communist China have figured out what to do about Internet addiction!

They’ve set up boot camps for the millions of teens and twentysomethings addicted to the Internet, can’t tear themselves away from the computer… It seems brain capacity shrinks by up to 8 percent when you’re pasted to the screen for 20 hours a day.

Boot camp will also teach you to “follow all orders.” And there’ll be lots and lots of calisthenics.

Addicted to the Internet? Welcome to Boot Camp!

But meanwhile, good news for the readers of this blog!

I can guarantee you won’t get addicted here. Hey–no comments, no likes, hardly anybody here at all! Not the remotest possibility of getting addicted here!

Nor will I make any attempt to train readers to follow all orders.

Mika Brzenski says that’s her job.

Q: Why are you typing some words in bold face?

A: It’s supposed to boost readership. It would also help to offer peanuts, but I don’t have any.

4 comments on “‘Addicted to the Internet? Welcome to Boot Camp!’ (2018)

  1. I have friends who have younger relatives who are addicted to video games, but I don’t know if everyone is addicted to them, or if they actually have other interests. I find most of the junk on line very boring, but I guess I’m not a “young person”. (no doubt about that)

    1. Well, we certainly won’t find any addicts here!
      Would you believe yours are the only comments we have, so far today? That’s since midnight EST, inclusive of all the world’s time zones.

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