My Newswithviews Column, July 1 (‘Let Them Defend the Indefensible’)

The great thing about “Critical Race Theory” is that virtually everybody hates it except the most determined Far Left Kool-Aid drinkers. And Far Left Crazy is totally adverse to recognizing this as a fact.

Let Them Defend the Indefensible

We have to take back ownership of our schools! After all, we pay for them. Boy, do we pay for them! And what do we get? Critical Race Theory!

We would also profit mightily by pulling our kids out of the government schools, tens of millions of kids homeschooled or placed in Christian schools, and watch the whole unholy colossus collapse under its own weight.

Meanwhile, Far Left Crazy is doubling down on CRT, trying to defend the indefensible. Let’s pray they go to the bottom with it.

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  1. During Trump’s visit to the border wall’s presser, Jim Acosta began yelling out a question to President Trump but the crowd booed him into silence! For not knowing what to write about for NewsWithViews, you sure filled the page! Good job.

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