‘The University: Where Young Minds Go to Die’ (2015)

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Do I hear a micro-aggression?

When I was in freshman orientation for college in 1971, the theme was “dissent”–for its own sake, as an end in itself, as the highest social good, as a moral imperative, blah-blah (I’ll have to write more about this later).

Now there’s no dissent allowed.

The University: Where Young Minds Go to Die

I should point out that by “dissent” they meant agreeing with left-wing professors.

Someday posterity (if there is any posterity will remember us as the society that “educated” itself to death.

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  1. Unfortunately, this re-education now begins in grade school. My grandson who has a 5 year old, visited us last Sunday, and something he told us about when he visited the kindergarten the previous week, was just
    scandalous and unbelievable. I was horrified, and so was everybody else. They are starting the little kiddies off to be perverts.

  2. It’s time to reveal my theory. Circa 1967, the Republicans were perceived as the party of the Establishment, big business, the military-industrial complex, etc. The Republicans were considered authoritarian and harsh, while the Dems were more than willing to accept the changing values of the younger generation. The Left found its support base as the postwar Baby Boom entered adulthood, and opposition to the Vietnam War was a major driving force. (People seemed to conveniently forget that the Dems played a major role in getting the US into that war.) In my humble opinion, it was a put-up job. They used opposition to the Vietnam War as a way of establishing themselves as being sensitive to the concerns of the postwar generation, but that turned out to be little more than a publicity device.

    Now, fifty plus years later, the polarity has reversed completely. The Dems are now the Establishment, the party of big business and they seem very comfortable with exercising their war powers. True Conservatives are now treated with the same disdain that was once reserved for campus radicals. They are every bit as authoritarian as they once accused the Right of having been. But they have forgotten one key aspect of human nature.

    People seek liberty. My grandfather left a comfortable life and a secure future in his home country to move to the US, because he preferred to forge his own path in a place where he had the greatest liberty. This involved a major step downward, with regard to financial prosperity; he had been born to a fairly wealthy family, but he took pride in the life he forged in the US. This same story could be told with regard to innumerable immigrants to the US, going back all the way to the separatists that had left Britain to escape the hegemony of the Church of England to settle in Leiden. When they realized that their cultural identity was disappearing in the Netherlands, they undertook a harsh and perilous voyage to the New World of North America and settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts. A lot of people died during the voyage and many more did not survive the first winter, but they succeeded in the long run and these people formed the backbone of what became the United States.

    From the point onward, the United States became a bellwether of freedom and liberty. In spite of what the Left may want us to believe, the United States was not a built upon slavery, which was a system inherited from the British. From the earliest days of the United States, there was pressure to put an end to the practice. Massachusetts outlawed the practice in 1800 and eventually slavery was confined to the southern states. One of the costliest wars in history (as measured by percentage of population lost) was fought to end the practice and the 13th Amendment finally codified this in a law which made it illegal in all states. In this case, persons living in liberty sacrificed their lives and livelihoods to preserve liberty and freedom for all.

    There seem to be a lot of people that see only the flaws on America, but I can’t believe that the tendency of humanity to seek freedom has been reversed. Tyranny always fails, because people seek liberty and because tyrants always go too far.

    1. It’s true that people seek to be free; but it’s also true that some seek power over others and will do anything to get it.
      That whole 1960s thing was a con job by Democrats and nooze media; and as usual, Republican were caught sound asleep at the switch.

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