Cats vs. Balloons

If you have cats, you probably already know July 4th is not their favorite holiday. Our cats can’t take the noise of firecrackers.

Ah! But what about balloons? No hiding under the bed now! Sharp teeth and claws don’t go well with balloons, but it’s one of those things cats have to find out for themselves. A chosen few respond with great aplomb. The rest kind of freak out.

7 comments on “Cats vs. Balloons

  1. Always good for a laugh. On Bobcat TB, a YouTube channel about all sorts of felines, she gives her cats balloons on their birthdays. You haven’t loved until you’ve seen a 150 pound cougar stalk and pop helium-filled balloons arrayed about his cage.

  2. I’ve seen all kinds of reactions from various cats, but only one Siamese would run across the room and jump on my lap, put his arms around my neck and cry mama when he was scared. He did better once he got a partner Siamese. Between the two, they thought they could handle anything.

  3. Yes, they proved it to me. They whipped the neighbor’s dog and sent him whimpering home.

    1. Siamese are something else. They are smart and determined cats. I have absolutely no pretense that I’m in charge of my Siamese. She’s friendly and very affectionate, but she runs the show. 🙂

    2. It’s a cat thing, to run the show. All my cats have done it: in sequence, two Persians, a Himalayan, and an American shorthair.

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