A Personal Note (Ooch! Ouch!)

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Thank heaven for hymn requests and Norbert videos! Because of these, I can keep this blog going even when I’m not quite up to snuff.

My allergies are killing me and I ache all over–in fact, I feel like I just fell down the stairs. I had to go to the supermarket anyway, where I learned from the checkout clerk, and from the woman behind me in line, that there’s a lot of this going around, bad allergies all over–which to me means it’ll pass. “Would you believe I slept for 12 straight hours yesterday?” the clerk said. “Save some of the next batch of sleep for me,” I answered.

So I’m not up to working on my new book, I can’t bring myself to scan the nooze, and I look forward to feeling better tomorrow. I’m changing the title of the book, by the way–the new book is now The Witch Box.

(Oh, fap! I’ve got to write a Newswithviews column tomorrow. If I can! I’d appreciate some prayers on my behalf.)

P.S.–Don’t forget we’ve got a hymn contest going. The more, the merrier.

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  1. We are experiencing our first inclement weather in about two years and I’m am feeling, literally, a bit under the weather. I’m not sick, but I can relate to the 12 hours of sleep. I fell asleep yesterday for most of the afternoon and could easily see that happening again today. Living in a place where sunny and warm is a safe forecast almost every day, such weather is a real change, and I always feel it. It’s been so dry here that even my mesquite appear to be suffering, but the rains we’ve had lately have been steady and slow (instead of the seasonal monsoons we usually have) and it’s really helping.

  2. Praying for you, Lee. Meanwhile, I’m recovering from an actual fall — just a misstep that made me lose my balance, grab for a door jamb to break my fall, and wind up sliding down the door jamb, thereby gouging a piece out of my left forearm and straining a muscle in my right arm. Nothing broken or seriously injured — I even did my Monday morning cleanup of the church this morning — but I’m a little groggy with the low-level pain. Again, nothing serious. Just ugly if I take the bandage off that arm gouge. It looks a lot worse than it feels. The charley-horse-like strain in the other arm actually hurts more. Oh well.

    And I can’t even blame the mishap on my old age, since I’ve been a klutz all my life. At one base, when I was returning my on-loan crutches to the Base Hospital (can’t remember if this was from the sprained ankle or the broken toes), the medic took a look at my records and said, “You’d better keep them. You’ll probably need them again.” Oh well again.

    Hymn request for tomorrow: “Faith of Our Fathers” — the original version about the martyrs, not the modern “let’s all be nice to each other” one.

    1. I’ll be happy to post that for us, Phoebe. And you’re always in my daily prayers.
      I have to say those videos of easily avoidable boating accidents perked me up a lot.
      But I do wish my leg would start working normally again!

    2. BTW, I know how I hurt my back–straining to avoid a fall. I realize now that the fall would have hurt me a lot less than my strenuous effort to avoid it.

    3. Prayers for Phoebe. If I hit my arms on anything they instants turn into very visible bruises. I get tired of telling people it is nothing serious.

  3. Wow, all of your remarks echo my situation big time. I actually haven’t fallen yet, but have come fairly close, and I hurt as much as if I had. The allergies,- yes, sore and extremely tired all over- falling asleep in my chair- yep. I did make it to the store and back- I still don’t know how. Well, yes I do, I prayed before I left, and God is very gracious. Praying for you folks.

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