The Leftids’ Creed

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To understand this distressing era of history, you need to think like a leftid, if “think” is the word for it. And here’s what to think.

I am one of The Smartest People In The World, everything I say is true, and you have no right to believe anything else.

The rightness of my leftist beliefs authorizes me to do anything to anybody. It’s for their own good!

All the past failures of leftism, all over the world… don’t count! It’s like they never happened.

China, Venezuela, Cuba–they’re all nicer places than America.

Nothing we say can possibly be wrong.

Humanity’s only hope is a world government run by us!

That’s pretty much all there is to it. Keep these simple principles in mind, and you’ll always understand where your unfriendly neighborhood leftid is coming from.

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  1. I put as much credence on their opinions as I do on the prattling of a chipmunk on a tree limb

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