Door to Door… for Vaccination?

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Unspecified “volunteers” will be “literally knocking on doors” to get people vaccinated for King COVID, according to the man who claims to be our president (

Who are these people who’ll be knocking on our doors? We don’t know, do we? Someone “from the government”? Criminals looking for likely houses to rob? Left-wing fanatics who’ll harass us? Assorted “volunteers” from “community groups” we never heard of?

The potential for abuse is toweringly high.

And there will be doors that you’d be well-advised to leave alone, if you knew who’d answer your knock.

Why are we treating this as the most deadly and scariest disease in history, fully justifying all kinds of draconian measures? I mean, gee, we practically shut down our economy last year! Both the government and the nooze media did their level best to scare the schiff out of us.

What is the explanation for this, and why have we never heard it?

But going door to door… this might be the worst idea they’ve had yet.

8 comments on “Door to Door… for Vaccination?

  1. The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed how developed the globalist have become in their ability to control the governments of the world. Yet in this revelation a backlash is coming as has never been before in history. How can this be, one may ask? Because God is on His throne Who knows the end from the beginning and is outside of time, and His plan to Christianize the whole world is going to come to pass in His time and His way. Read Isaiah 65 again.

  2. I’m of a much more pessimist view. I don’t think anything is going to get better. We’re seeing the last feeble gasps against the great unleashing of Satan; Christians don’t have any momentum, and most conservatives are not Christians and they still hold the false notion that truth and lies can co-exist peacefully.
    Things are going to get worse and worse until Jesus comes and purges the earth of evil.

    1. I think that you are basically right, and events in the Middle East seem to be shaping inexorably towards the Gog of Magog attack. But I don’t think that the forces of godlessness will have unqualified success along the way. There are factions of all sorts among them and they are already going cross-purposes with one another. Things are bad, there’s no question about that, but I be,Jefe that these forces will mire themselves in their own folly.

  3. I don’t think things will get better. The powers that be have consolidated their power too thoroughly. They can silence dissidents with the click of a mouse, and can jail or “disappear” enemies without anyone noticing — or being equally silence, jailed, and/or disappeared if they notice too volubly or become too much of a bother. (I’d begun to write “too dangerous,” but I’m afraid we’ve lost the ability to be a real danger any more.)

    As my old dissertation director once reminded me, thriving civilizations have collapsed before and ours could easily do the same. Even Lee had posted here about entire cities and/or city ruins that have been found with no indication of who the people were or what happened to them. God can’t be conquered, but those who have abandoned Him can be. Our job is to remain faithful until the end, whether it’s the collapse of our civilization or the End of Time.

    1. P.S.–Don’t lose heart! We serve a mighty God, the judge of all the earth, who will always do right. Anyone can trust in Him when things are going well. It’s when things are going bad that we really must trust Him anyway–no matter what.

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