Special Treat: Heidi’s Cute Bug


Heidi sent us this picture of a cute little fluffy aphid she found in her garden. Great close-up technique! It’s a benign little face–and I think that bug was waving to her.

Yeah, I know, aphids are plant pests–but we can all afford to be a little sweet and sappy now and then, can’t we?

God’s stuff is the best.

3 comments on “Special Treat: Heidi’s Cute Bug

  1. These really are cute! They look like Tinkerbell when they fly—their little blue dresses drape behind them. Not so cute is the little brown bat that has been sleeping inside our patio umbrella lately.

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen those before–and I’ve seen a lot of bugs (any kid who has lizards and a florabunda rose hedge is gonna see a lot of bugs). Maybe we don’t have these in NJ.

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