Special Treat: Heidi’s Cute Bug


Heidi sent us this picture of a cute little fluffy aphid she found in her garden. Great close-up technique! It’s a benign little face–and I think that bug was waving to her.

Yeah, I know, aphids are plant pests–but we can all afford to be a little sweet and sappy now and then, can’t we?

God’s stuff is the best.

Don’t Forget the Hymn Contest

Why Were Angels Singing to Me?

I’m sorry to report no hymn requests today so far, no entries into our ongoing hymn contest. Well, these things always slow up after the initial excitement.

A few of you wind up requesting the most hymns–by far the most. I was hoping more of you would join the party! That’s not to discourage readers who make a lot of hymn requests: it’s to encourage you who never make any.

And now we’ve got another thunderstorm looming, and if I want a cigar I’d better go out and have it now.

It’s perfectly okay to make hymn requests while I’m not here!

Important P.S.! I want to showcase posts from other Christian blogs–because, in this climate of growing censorship, I think we must support each other. If you’re a Christian blogger who’d like to see your work displayed here from time to time, please just let me know! There’s no charge for it.

Let the Hymn Contest Begin! (First Entry: ‘Adonai’)

Okay, as of now, the hymn contest is up and running. Erlene requested this hymn yesterday–Adonai by Paul Wilbur–so I’m putting it in this morning as our first entry.

The contest will run till August 8 (our wedding anniversary).

The winner will be whoever requests the hymn that winds up getting the most views on the day it was requested. So you see we could have a new leader every day. If this rule isn’t clear, please let me know and I’ll try to explain it.

The winner will get either an autographed copy of one of my books or a cool T-shirt that says “If they have to kill us, they’ve lost”–your choice.

This will work just like our annual Christmas carol contest, only it’s starting in July so you don’t need a scarf and mittens.

Coming Up… Hymn Contest

What Is a Quokka? 15 Facts About the "Happiest" Creature on Earth

Lee says if we get ten more yes votes, we’ll hold the hymn contest. There are quokkas standing by to help!

It’ll be along the same lines as our annual Christmas carol contest. Whoever requests the hymn that gets the most views on the day it was requested will win the contest.

I am trying to arrange for the prize to be a bicycle. Maybe we can sneak it past him this time.

Let us hear from you! Vote for the hymn contest. Even better–participate in it. Can’t possibly go wrong by posting hymns!

Should We Have A Hymn Contest?

The Wind from Heaven (Bell Mountain, 13)

I don’t know what’s holding up The Wind from Heaven, but it should become available any day now.

Meanwhile, we have a mostly empty house today; and although I know Big Tech is stifling Christian bloggers left and right, I still have to try to get my view numbers back up to where they were last year.

Contests? Everybody like contests–right?

How’s this for an idea? (I won’t bother with it if it doesn’t excite interest.) A hymn contest along the lines of our annual Christmas carol contest. Within a set time limit, the person who requested the hymn that received the most views on the day it was requested will win the prize: an autographed copy of The Wind from Heaven or a cool red-and-white T-shirt bearing the quote, “If they have to kill us, they’ve lost.” Wear it to the supermarket and collect dirty looks from liberals!

Anyhow, that’s my suggestion for trying to liven things up around here. I’m tired of losing one, two, three thousand views a month compared to last year.

Should we do it? Are you ready to play? Please let me know.

Peep Update


After many of you prayed for her yesterday, our cat Peep was more herself. That shouldn’t surprise us overmuch. She was fine the rest of the afternoon and all night. I wonder if it was the heat getting to her. It was miserably hot here yesterday, and our cats are getting old.

We thank you for your prayers. We’ll have to keep a watch on Peep, but as of this morning she seems OK.

Name the Movie Star That Looks Just Like This Mouse!

1PC Pet Cat Toy Catnip Mice Cats Toys Funny Plush Mouse Cat Toy For Kitten  Interactive Scratching Supplies - Walmart.com - Walmart.com

Well, this new contest is off to a paralyzingly slow start. I guess that’s just as well: I haven’t thought up any rules for it yet. The idea is to name the movie star who most closely resembles a toy mouse. The prize will be universal awe and admiration.

For those of you who have been on tenterhooks, waiting for results to be announced, I’m afraid there aren’t any results yet, not really. But don’t worry–I can always make some up. I’ve learned how to do that by watching the nooze.

Hey, though, take a swing at it–you might hit a home run. Tell us which movie star you think has the most to fear from a passing cat with a yen for toy mice.

The contest isn’t open to anyone with an extra coccyx.

Ask the Author! ‘Bell Mountain’ SAQ

Bell Mountain (Bell Mountain, 1) - Kindle edition by Duigon, Lee. Religion  & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

Wait a minute–what does “SAQ” mean?

It means “Seldom Asked Questions.” I might even say “Never Asked Questions.” But that would miss the point.

I’m opening the door to any and all questions about my Bell Mountain books–how they got written, where my ideas come from: anything at all except “How long did it take you to write it?”

I thought it’d be kind of neat to ask a question of any author whose books I’ve enjoyed. Then it hit me: we have the Internet now, we have this blog. We can do that very thing.

Seriously–whatever you want to know about the world of Bell Mountain, its people, their stories, the weird animals, the total absence of robo-calls: just drop me a line and ask. Specifically, drop it here, on this page, where everybody can read it.

Come on now–when do you ever do this? You could never ask the writers of Perry Mason about the pizza delivery guy breaking down in the courtroom and admitting he was the murderer. But me you can ask.

Go ahead, ask me anything. We’ll have fun.

No. 70,000: We Have a Winner!


Well, we had to go all the way out to Scotland to find her, but now we have a comment contest winner. Congratulations, Ina!

Seventy thousand comments is a major milestone. We should be excited about it.

One thing I’ve learned about any kind of organization, any kind of club–and my blog. Ten percent of the readers make 90 percent of the comments. That’s why certain readers win more than once. Heck, there are readers who show up here every day and never make a comment.

Ina already has His Mercy Endureth Forever, and she doesn’t want one of those big stone heads that Byron the Quokka found in the mountains of Turkey, so her prize will be an autographed copy of The Wind from Heaven when it comes out, which should be sometime this spring.

Thanks to all of you who come here and read, and comment–and let’s see how long it takes to get to No. 80,000.

Can We Wrap Up the Comment Contest?

Image result for images of puzzled quokka

All of us quokkas here on Rottnest Island are puzzled! In fact, we’re so puzzled, they put us in a puzzle!

We’re shooting for Comment No. 70,000, a major milestone, with only 32 left to go–that’s right, just 32!

And today we have eight comments. You’d think all you snowed-in humans would be here commenting. Don’t tell me you’re all just sitting there watching Super Bowl pre-game blather. (We’ve already seen the blinkin’ game. Well, we thought it was the Super Bowl. It might’ve been a commercial for Geritol.)

Look, the winner gets an autographed copy of Lee’s book, His Mercy Endureth Forever, or else one of those giant stone heads from somewhere in Turkey, they make ideal lawn ornaments, so much more impressive than that little jockey with the lantern. But there’ve got to be 32 more comments posted for someone to win!

So just buckle down and give us a knuckle-biting race to the finish line.