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This year, for the first time since its inception in 2012, this blog will show decreased readership. Even with a strong finish, we’ll finish below both 2020 and 2019. I blame it on Big Tech playing with the search engines to suppress traffic to Christian blogs. Heck, I blame some of it on the bossa nova.

Now I’m not going to take a poll, scientific or otherwise, but I do want to know what you, the readers, think. Are there features, or certain kinds of posts, that you would like to see more of? Less of? Would you like more or less of the following–

News   Politics   Education News   Bible Study   Posts by Other Christian Bloggers   Animal Videos   Satire    Humorous Pieces    Hymns    Memory Lane  Book Updates (progress reports)   Nature

Please feel free to make your own suggestions. At the end of the year I should probably have to re-evaluate this enterprise, maybe make some changes. Just don’t expect me to bring in rap music videos or CNN clips.

I still believe a lot of us Christian bloggers got ill-used this year by Big Tech. Rather than out-and-out ban us–which they’d have trouble justifying, if Congress ever called them on the carpet for it–they find it just as useful to shove us to the bottom of the search process. If that truly is the case, then no changes we can make will do us any good.

Shout-out to Christian bloggers! We can help each other by posting one another’s posts (pardon the awkward but clear language). If you’d like me to display some of your posts, please let me know!

Can Public Education Be Saved?

Protests at Springfield school board meeting over diversity training

My answer is, “Why bother?”

A reader has challenged my assertion that public education is deeply and irreparably tainted by anti-Christian leftism and that our only meaningful, effective recourse is to pull our children out of it. He has suggested that many more Christians should run for school board seats and, when elected, clean up the mess.

If only.

Let’s say you had a Christian school board. What would you be up against? State and federal Title This and Title That–and if you don’t comply, they’ll pull your funding… for starters. Teachers’ unions–for all practical purposes, communists. The courts: any atheist who sues you for mentioning Christmas can easily find an anti-Christian judge to lay some hurt on you. The ACLU is always just around the corner, waiting to pounce.

Forget about hiring Christian teachers: there aren’t that many of them, the teachers’ colleges weed them out.

In the long run, if you keep bucking the system, some government agency or other will abolish your board and take over the operation of your school district.

Well, then–shouldn’t we elect Christians to replace this army of government functionaries who make “education” what it is today?

Electing Christians–what about the millions of Americans who say they’re Christians but have no idea what they’re talking about? I mean Christians who have been “educated” by public schools and universities and have not grown out of it (in my case, that took 30 years).

“Saving” public education would require herculean efforts going on for years and years, fights wiith the teachers’ unions that would make the Trojan War look like a food fight in a cafeteria, fights with everybody else–and again, why bother?

There are more and more ways to get a quality education at home, more and more resources that grow more affordable, and better, every year.

How could any parents, educating their own children whom they love, possibly do a worse job than public school wackos committed to teaching Critical Race Theory, transgender, and anti-American pseudo-history?

Unless, of course, you want your kids to “learn” that schiff…

Comment Milestone: Only 350 to Go

Quokka Facts | Mental Floss

G’day! Byron the Quokka here; and as you can see, I’m incognito. I don’t want to get stuck managing another contest! Crikey, I’m not the only Quokka here. Why can’t Feezy or Foozy take on some of this work?

Anyhow! We are shooting for 80,000 comments, a glorious milestone, we’ve got just 350 to go, and oh, brother, do I wish we’d get them up before Thanksgiving! Because the day after, I have to start the Christmas Carol Contest. (You can’t beat it for alliteration.)

If you are the lucky winner who posts Comment No. 80,000, you will win a prize of your choice: either a high post in the government of Bulgaria, an autographed copy of one of Lee’s books, or this cool T-shirt that says “If they have to kill us, they’ve lost.”

But it’s all up to you, O readers! Only 350 comments to go–you can do that standing on your heads (maybe another contest here, do ya think?).

‘God Bless America’–with John Wayne

John Wayne God Bless America

“Thewhiterabbit” sent us this video, which I hope displays here somehow. It comes as an antidote to the last post, which turned my stomach.

Imagine a bunch of Hollywood celebrities today getting together to sing God Bless America. If you can, you have a more powerful imagination than this fantasy writer and you ought to be writing fantasy novels.

Some of you won’t be old enough to recognize some of these celebs. They’re mostly from the 1970s, when “whiterabbit” and I were in our 20s. I recognized most of them.

If today’s Hollywood crowd tried to do this, they’d probably collapse in violent spasms and cry out in foreign languages.

But God knows we need His blessing.

Read Phoebe’s Comment

Stuffed animals | Jayshop | Tabor College

Can you get a degree in stuffed animals?

You’ve got to read Phoebe’s comment today, on “College Crapola Du Jour.” You can find it attached here:


Yes, here we have a major public university providing a “Quiet Room,” which they are not embarrassed to call a “safe space,” complete with stuffed animals, for both students and staff.

Stuffed animals? Say it ain’t so! (“I’m afraid it is, kid.”)

Have we not gone more than far enough with our “Everybody goes to college” experiment? I mean, I like stuffed animals, too–but I never thought of them as part of my education. Especially in college!

Go ahead–try, just try, to prove this ought to play any part in anyone’s so-called “education.”

‘How Smart Are You?’ (2018)

Stacks Of Bright New Shiny Gold Coins Placed On Weighing Scales Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 117836235.

I’m re-running two of the most popular posts ever to appear on this blog (I’m tired, I’m late, I don’t wanna post any nooze on this beautiful day), in hopes you’ll all enjoy them.

They’re a package deal. This one sets up a puzzle, taken from a Columbo episode, and then the next one you read will give the answer. You’ll find the puzzle here: just click the link.

How Smart Are You?

Now that I know the answer (!), of course that was the answer! It had to be!

Now it’s supposedly a Mensa riddle, suitable for geniuses, guaranteed to stump everybody else. So if you’ve never seen it before, and you’ve got the answer… Go to the head of the class!

Vintage 1967 Milton Bradley GO TO THE HEAD OF THE CLASS Board Game Series 14 | eBay

Lee’s Homeschool Reading List (2)

The White Nile by Moorehead, Alan

I’ll be adding to this from time to time. I just finished reading a book that I’ve got to add to the list.

Ages 12 and Up. The White Nile, by Alan Moorehead, combines exotic and exciting history with superb storytelling. I first read this book in high school: 50 years later, it still delights me. Discovering the source of the Nile was the centerpiece of Victorian exploration; nothing matched it until expeditions started racing for the poles. What a cast of characters! Stanley and Livingston, Burton and Speke, “Chinese” Gordon and the Mahdi… What a story!

Reader recommendations always welcome! Some of you have actually done homeschooling, and we can all benefit from your experience. I can use your help in recommending books for readers under 12. Come on, tell us–what were some of the books you thought were really great for your children when they were under 12? I mean, I read a lot of my father’s books, left over from his childhood–but I hardly think they’d be easy to find today.

Comment Contest–It’s On!

71 QUOKKAS!!!!!! ideas in 2021 | quokka, happy animals, cute animals

Never let it be said a quokka backed away from a challenge!

We are shooting for 80,000 comments on this blog, and we currently have a few more than 78,500. Only 1,500 to go!

Byron the Quokka here, launching our latest comment contest. Whoever posts No. 80,000 will win an autographed book or this cool T-shirt that says “If they have to kill us, they’ve lost.”

Back in December, it would’ve taken just two weeks to run up 1,500 comments. Well, Big Tech has put a stop to that.

But imagine how amazed and disappointed, how emotionally crushed they’ll be, if they see that level of readership returning to this blog. They’ll wish their mothers never met their fathers.

So come on, sound off! All comments are eligible except for abuse of fellow readers, f-bombs, or stuff that’s just too stupid to publish. Otherwise, anything goes!

I’m Stuck! Please Send Comments

Tanystropheus - Wikipedia

I had just fallen into a doze last night when my wife, reading my new book, The Wind from Heaven, woke me to ask, “What the dickens is this?” She’d just read the scene in which Ysbott the Snake espies a Tanystropheus fishing (as it were) in a little pond in the depths of Lintum Forest. She read back to me my description of the creature, which I must say accords very well with the picture, above. But what could I say but, “That’s a Tanystropheus”?

Ordinarily that would have inspired me to greater literary efforts. But I’m afraid writing about Sicilian caecilians today used up something vital in my brain… and now I’m stuck. Can’t think of anything else to write about, even though I’m a good 50 views behind where I ought to be at this time of day.

In short, I need assistance from my readers. Comments, suggestions, urgent pleas for more information, light-hearted observations about this or that–I need ’em all. Because I’m stuck. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does… not even a Tanystropheus can help me.

Waiting to hear from you–

Hymn Contest Winner!

Before the whole thing turns into “What hymn contest? What’s he talking about?”, let me announce the winner of the contest. Drum roll, please.

On July 28, Ina requested I Saw the Light, by Johnny Cash, which received 21 views that day. The prize is–well, she already has the new book, The Wind from Heaven, but there’s still the cool T-shirt that says “If they have to kill us, they’ve lost.”

Ina, please let me know which prize you’d like to receive, and send me your mailing address.

Note: Just because the contest is over doesn’t mean we’re going to stop posting hymns and taking hymn requests. We’d love to post yours!