Bonus Video, ‘In Christ Alone’

In Christ Alone is on a lot of readers’ lists of favorite hymns; and I’m posting it here because I’ve almost used up the first list of Your Favorite Hymns and I want to invite all readers to come up with another. Don’t be afraid to suggest more than one hymn. It’s not like we’ll ever run out of them.

I know, I know–with anything like this, the pattern always is: a few people act and a lot of people watch. I’d like to see more readers participating, but if I knew how to draw you in, I’d probably be rich and arrogant. So all I can do is hold out the invitation.

Time Out! We Have a Winner!

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Congratulations to Phoebe, who has posted our 65,000th comment and thus won our current comment contest!

Phoebe, you get to pick your prize–either a paddle ball toy, or an autographed copy of my book, His Mercy Endureth Forever. If you pick the fli-back, it’s guaranteed your cat will someday make the little rubber ball disappear. But whatever you choose, please email me your mailing address.

Several readers came close to winning at the last minute–we had kind of a photo finish.

Now, then, if I can ever get this blog’s viewership numbers back to normal, I think we’ll have another contest when we approach 70,000 comments.

Thanks to all of you who’ve stuck with us.

Answered Prayers (for Joshua and Jeremy)

In case you missed it in the comments, and just so you know, the Lord heard our prayers and protected our friends, Joshua and Jeremy, and their family, from the typhoon that struck Japan this weekend. Give Him thanks for that!


The Hypocrites’ Mt. Rushmore

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If there was a Mt. Rushmore for hypocrites, who would be on it? The example above shows famous communists: all claimed to be benefactors of the human race, and all were bloodthirsty predators.

If you were setting up a Hypocrites’ Mt. Rushmore, whose portraits would you use? Let me start the ball rolling with my nominations: Obama, Kerry, John Lennon, and Al Gore.

Others will surely spring to mind. But I can hardly wait to see who the readers nominate.

Is It Time to End ‘Bell Mountain’?

The Bell Mountain Series - Reformed Reviews

Agatha Christie kept writing Hercule Poirot for many years after she got tired of him, mostly because readers wanted him. Ditto Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes: when Doyle killed off Holmes, readers practically rose up in arms and forced him to bring Holmes back. And Edgar Rice Burroughs kept writing Tarzan long, long after he’d lost all interest in the character… because Tarzan paid the bills.

Lately I’ve been hearing from people who say enough’s enough already, please, no more Bell Mountain books! Happily none of them are my editors or publishers. But if the readers are tired of my books, what excuse would I have to keep on writing them?

Twelve of the books have been published, with No. 13 waiting in the wings and No. 14 being written. No. 12, His Mercy Endureth Forever, has not been well received. Even though it has giant hyenas in it.

A few comments don’t constitute a groundswell of non-support. Then again, several books ago, I wasn’t getting any “too much” comments at all.

So I have to decide what’s right to do. I pray for guidance. I listen to what readers have to say.

(No! I am not going to switch over to Oy, Rodney…)

What About the Comment Contest?

491 Best Quokka images in 2020 | Quokka, Happy animals, Cute animals

G’day, seekers of truth! Byron the Quokka here, with a bedraggled comment contest that’s had to contend with five weeks of computer problems. We were shooting for 64,000, we now have 63,654, so that leaves 346 comments to go, according to my abacus.

But now the repairs have been made, the blog refurbished, and I’d like to ask you something: should we stick with the goal of 64,000 comments, or move the goalpost back to 65,000, to give us more time to have fun with it without being distracted by on-and-off internet access and all the rest of that mess? What do you prefer, dear readers?

Although nobody new signed up in July, we now have 1,600 followers here. I wonder if we’ll ever get up to 2,000.

Whew! It’ll be nice to get back to setting up Quokka University. We’re still trying to decide what kind of leaves and twigs to serve in the cafeteria.

‘There Is a Fountain’

We’re playing your favorite hymns at the start of each day. Today it’s There Is a Fountain, by Selah.

Just tell us your favorite hymns and we’ll add them to the list. You don’t have to name just one!

‘Be Still, My Soul’

We’ve got over 40 of your favorite hymns on the list now, and we’re going to post each one of them. Don’t worry about being too late: the hymn shop’s always open.

This rendition of Be Still, My Soul is about the most beautiful I’ve ever heard–and I don’t know who’s singing it. But we know whose hand shaped the backgrounds, don’t we?

Wow, That’s a Lot of Hymns

Singing Hymns High-Res Stock Photo - Getty Images

Taking a break from writing outside in the broiling sun, I count 33 favorite hymns on the list so far–and that’s just from four of you.

I’ve decided it doesn’t matter how long the list turns out to be. But it was easy to decide what to do with all these hymns.

Post ’em!

We don’t have to worry about running out hymns. The more, the merrier. Open wide the doors of the hymn shop! And if it crowds out some of the nooze, well, them’s the breaks. Hymns are all about good news.


What’s Your Favorite Hymn?

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We like to start every blogging day here with a hymn, and I like to post the hymns that you request. When left to my own devices, I’m afraid I tend to repeat myself and choose the same relatively few hymns again and again–because they’re my favorites. Light of the World, Hyfrydol, To Be a Pilgrim: well, what can I say?

I’d love to know what your favorite hymns are. I know it’s impossible to pick just one, so please feel free to list as many as you like.

I’ll keep track of the ones that are mentioned and will report to you which hymns seem to be the most popular. Don’t be bashful! If you only knew how hard it is to elicit a wide reader response… you’d wonder why I try. But I’m really interested in what you all have to say.