‘Companionable Mice’ (2019)

Have any of you had mice for pets? Honk if you’re put off by the very idea.

But I’m here to tell you… mice are nice.

Companionable Mice

How something as tiny as a mouse can form an affectionate bond with something as big as a human being is worth pondering.

‘My Poetical Slip Is Showing’ (2015)

13 T s eliot Images: PICRYL Public Domain Search

We can all be just like T.S. Eliot!

It’s grey and wet and dreary again today–waddaya say to some poetry? Note I did not say “pottery.” We’re very careful about language around here!

My Poetical Slip is Showing

Political poetry has a long tradition in America, but you’d never know it from the grey and wet and dreary politics we have today.

Please, readers, feel free to share some of your own efforts at political poetry. The art needs updating.

Bell Mountain Illustrations, No. 6

everybody with lee

Whoa! I got so busy with the “ban gas stoves” nonsense, I almost forgot to post this picture–another Bell Mountain illustration by Katheleen and Kerolyn, young readers in Brazil.

So here we have a group portrait of Helki the Rod, Jandra the little prophet, Jack and Ellayne, King Ryons–and some bearded guy in a black T-shirt. Holy cow–that’s me! They drew me, too.

I love these kids, and it humbles me to think their artwork was inspired by my books. Gives me something to live up to!

Bell Mountain Illustrations, No. 5

banjo real

Here we have Obst and Chief Uduqu giving King Ryons a bath, which he sorely needed at the time–another Bell Mountain illustration by Katheleen and Kerolyn, young readers in Brazil. I would love to use these inside the books, but we’d need a new edition for that. Think of it, though–a book illustrated by its own readers. I don’t know that that’s ever been done before.

I have one more picture of theirs to publish, and that’s scheduled for tomorrow–so stay tuned, I’ve saved the best for last.

Bell Mountain Illustrations, No. 4

jack corta

Jack and Ellayne in Lintum Forest–I think this is one of Kerolyn’s, although it’s not that easy to tell them apart.

Stay turned day to day, because I’m saving a real corker for last!

(Young Readers’ fantasy novels–we are pioneering a new trend! Books for young readers illustrated by young readers–how cool is that?

‘Bell Mountain’ Illustrations, No. 3


Here are Ellayne and Jack on the summit of Bell Mountain, with Martis trying to collect his wits and get up from the snow. This is from Katheleen and Kerolyn, in Brazil–these are gifted girls!

I wish we could get some of these illustrations into a new edition of Bell Mountain. When have you ever seen a book illustrated by some of its readers? That would be so cool! But first we’d have to sell out the edition we already have.

‘A Defense of Fantasy’ (2015, 2018)

Fantasy castle Images | Free Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD

You’ll enjoy the conversation that follows this post (my readers are the best!), and the original is embedded in the sequel, so you won’t miss anything.

‘A Defense of Fantasy’ (2015)

We all know there’s a lot of drivel out there that gets marketed as “fantasy.” All it takes is one Elf turning to a Dwarf and saying, “We must learn to celebrate one another’s lifestyles,” and the reader is lost to fantasy forever. I wish I could say I invented that example… but alas, I haven’t.


Prayer Request: Georgia

Attempting to break up a fight between her two dogs, my stepdaughter, Georgia, wound up breaking her foot. She may or may not require surgery. Meanwhile, it hurts. Just another household accident.

Please join me in prayer for her. O Lord, your servant Georgia needs you now. Please heal her, Father. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Planet Earth, Do You Read Me?

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S.O.S.! S.O.S.! Anybody read me?

One comment, just one, in the past 12 hours. That’s unusual, to say the least. Makes me wonder whether there’s something wrong (again!) with WordPress.

As of now, I can’t be sure my posts are being made available to readers. If we’re all being blocked, you won’t be able to tell me!

So all I can do is ask, “Is anybody out there reading this?” Please let me know… if you can.

My Newswithviews Column, Dec. 1 (‘Old’ Does Not Mean ‘Obsolete’)

One false step and I might have too much change Stock Photo - Alamy

I grew up being taught that the older you got, the more people would listen to you–because you had experience, knowledge, you’d proved yourself.

But it doesn’t seem to be the case today, does it?

‘Old’ Does Not Mean ‘Obsolete’

All my life I’ve heard libs and leftids yammering for “change.” Well, we’ve had “change” out the wazoo; but aside from advances in dentistry and chess notation, it doesn’t seem to have done us any good. Well, maybe you think “transgender” is a good thing. If so, we don’t have much to say to one another.

Just because the driver missed the turn does not mean the turn he should or should not have made is irrelevant. Foolishness does not erase the truth. It just squawks louder.