Make Sure to Smell the Flowers!


This is my stepdaughter’s dog, Chance, taking time to smell the flowers (look, Georgia, you’re famous!)–thus personifying a wise old saying: Make time to smell the flowers.

“Be still, and know that I am God…” (Psalm 46:10). There’s a lot we miss if we don’t find time for stillness. That goes for me, too. Ask anyone who knows me.

5 comments on “Make Sure to Smell the Flowers!

  1. Well, there you are. I hadn’t seen you on this morning, so I wondered what was going on. This is a cute post with the dog and the flowers.

  2. Being still long enough to remember that God is over all and is deeply involved in all aspects of life. It’s a comfort to know that and taking the time to “smell the roses” means to me to just stop and think about God’s goodness. This is especially helpful to do when I’m going through too much busy-ness or confronted with confusing or seemingly overwhelming situations. God is always in control, always, and we, His creatures, need to take time to remember that and be like Georgia in the photo.

  3. Sorry! And here I was thinking of how a name it was for a doggie -like my Maggie

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