Ai-Ya! I Forgot the Contest!

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Our annual Christmas Carol Contest starts the day after Thanksgiving–or would have, if my head was on straight. I forgot it until almost suppertime.

So it’ll have to start tomorrow instead (someone please remind me in the morning!), when I’ll explain the terribly complicated rules and eligibility, etc., etc.

Meanwhile, we can all go to bed with visions of opulent prizes dancing in our heads. Well, all right, not mine–it wouldn’t be in good taste for me to win my own contest. But for everyone else, you can enter as often as you like.

R.J. Rushdoony, ‘Capitalization and Decapitalization’

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R.J. Rushdoony–he didn’t need a crystal ball to see the future.

I know the title is a little dry and the essay is a long one, but stay with it. R.J. Rushdoony wrote it back in 1967, and it’s still as true as ever. Maybe even more so.

“Capitalization is the product of work and thrift,” he said; and these are the product of character. Specifically Christian character. But “socialism is organized larceny,” and its result is decapitalization–more need, less money!–and not only inflation and want, but also a deterioration of character itself. “Things which were once intolerable and forbidden are now openly promoted and sponsored,” Rushdoony wrote. Can you say “transgender”? We go from secret, hidden vices to abominations openly performed.

As our culture, our character, deteriorates, so does our productivity. The inflation that we face today, the worst in 40 years, is exactly what Rushdoony would have predicted.

We can’t just let it all keep going as it’s going.

Did Somebody Say ‘Stifle!’?

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Maybe one of you readers out there can tell me what’s what. All I get from WordPress is a lot of “Oh, it must be terribly disappointing for you!” Period. No help.

October was a good month for me. It made me think my computer problems were over. But after Nov. 1 the door got slammed shut in my face. Viewer numbers down, down, down. This evening they’re a good six hours behind where they should be.

Is this Google playing with the Search again? Is it the FBI or some other organized crime group? Come on, virtually everybody knows computers better than I do. I’ll bet there are hamsters who know computers better than I do. What the deuce is going on here?

Whoa! I Can’t Believe My Eyes!

May be an image of tree and nature

Mark Rushdoony found this picture and put it on our Facebook page.

This “tree”–is it a tree?–took a wrong turn somewhere and is now trying to find its way back to Narnia. Or maybe it’s a Huorn strayed from Middle-Earth. Don’t get too close!

Y’know, I think if I’d have seen this picture when I was five years old or so, it would’ve given me fits for several nights in a row…

‘How Should a Christian View Organ Transplants?’

What's Wrong with Loving what God Hates? Ep. 179

Dr. Heidi Klessig is part of our blog fellowship, a regular visitor here. She was also invited a few days ago to be Andrea Schwartz’s guest on “Out of the Question.”

Organ transplants is a thorny subject. I keep thinking of a line in The Princess Bride, spoken by Miracle Max: “Mostly dead is a little bit alive.” And that takes us straight to the heart of the ethical dilemma.

Who could be more helpless, more defenseless, than a hospital patient whom the doctors have given up for lost? And we do know what God thinks of taking advantage of the helpless, don’t we?

There’s a lot of food for thought here, and none of it’s easy.

Oh, Those Dog Videos!

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Maybe it’s a good thing there are so few viewers here today. I wouldn’t want to touch off a global panic.

I just noticed a line in my “Tags” that reads destroying America dog videos. Yipes! I don’t remember posting any dog videos that could destroy America! I tend to post dog videos that are humorous or cozy, or both.

I, of course, know all about not taking Tags too seriously. But how many college students would feel Unsafe after viewing that line in the Tags?

Maybe I should just dismiss it from my mind and go on outside to write. There won’t be too many of these warm sunny days left on the calendar.

Another One of Those Bible Study Coincidences

Introduction to Ezekiel | Evidence Unseen

I asked our friend Erlene to send me a copy of a Bible study she said she was working on, and I’ve just read it this morning.

My own Bible reading has just brought me into some of the grimmer chapters of Ezekiel’s prophecy… and what do you suppose Erlene’s Bible study essay is about? Exactly the same chapters as I read yesterday!

How does that happen? And around here, on this blog, it seems to happen fairly often. Is the Lord blessing our assembly? I like to think so.

I don’t think Erlene publishes these essays anymore; I’d give you a link to them, if I could.

In Ezekiel Chapter 8, God shows the prophet all the abominations with which His people are polluting His Temple and His word… for which He will take vengeance. Oh, God–here in 21st century America, we have invented sins, and wallowed in them, that those doomed people in Jerusalem never even thought of. How will we answer for that?

We’re all wondering, aren’t we?

‘The Problem IS Sin’ (Mark Rushdoony)

The Evolution of Finger-Pointing: Part One, Forgiveness | Dizzy On a  Tightrope

“Politics will never solve man’s basic problem of sin,” writes Mark Rushdoony.

He got that one right, didn’t he?

Look, I’m a political scientist, got the papers to prove it. An all-purpose definition of “politics” is “the authoritative allocation of value.” But our politics seeks an authoritative allocation of blame. “We attack other men, not sin,” Rushdoony says. And some new scapegoat always comes along–or else is chosen arbitrarily by the newest battalion of blame-givers.

We “falsely limit evil to a group” until the next group is chosen: the sin itself is always passed on to whoever’s next in line.

Yeah, I know, I do it, too. We’re always advised to separate the sin from the sinner; but in too many cases that’s like separating the head from the body.

‘Social Justice’ (R.J. Rushdoony)

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In just a very few words, all the way back in 1978, R.J. Rushdoony demolished the whole concept of “social justice”–so don’t bother to wonder why the Wokies don’t like him.

“Social justice does not exist. It is a myth,” he wrote. Sinners define right and wrong, so that for them sin equals virtue and lawlessness is law.

But the thrust of God’s justice is restitution and restoration, and taking responsibility for one’s actions. Any reading of Exodus and Leviticus will clearly teach that.

In “social justice” you just decide whom to blame and sic the state on him–the same state for which God’s laws don’t exist.  And we can all see how that turns out, can’t we?

Stuck Again, Dagnabbit!

Utah hiker stuck chest-deep in hidden quicksand | Advnture

Having done this for several thousand days in a row, I think I’m starting to get nooze fatigue. Gradually the plethora of absurd, creepy, outrageous, mush-headed stories merge into one. And it’s a story I’ve already covered dozens of times. Where the devil is the exit?

I mean, what’s there to write about that I haven’t already written? Transgender mania. Governed by people who hate us. Race-hustling in the public schools. Killing the culture. I keep telling myself, “People need to know our country is being taken over by villains, thieves, lunatics, and scam artists. We need to know what we’re up against, so we can put a stop to it.” That’s why I’m trying to do this work today. Paul Revere on Geritol.

And how am I going to finish my book, Ozias, Prince in Peril? It’s getting colder every day. We had frost last night.

I’ll just keep trying.