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Throughout the New Testament, especially in Paul’s epistles to the various churches, a recurring theme is a plea for unity–and that was when the brand-new Church had only several thousand members, world-wide. And it was already splitting into schools and factions: “Now this I say, that every one of you saith, I am of Paul; and I of Apollos; and I of Cephas; and I of Christ. Is Christ divided?…” (1 Corinthians 1: 12-13).

This Sunday at Church: Pray for the Church to be united Biblically

Our friend and colleague “SlimJim” reminds us NOT to pray for “unity at any cost” (and certainly not to let it motivate our actions), but rather to pray for “unity as it is motivated by Christian love.”

Yes, there are those with whom we should not seek unity. But let’s not forget “The fight’s out there, people”–not in here, within the Church.

‘No Weapon Formed Against Thee Shall Prosper’ (2019)

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Esther and the King of Persia

If we walk by sight and not by faith, it’s easy to lose hope: God knows this fallen world is falling farther by the day.

God respects our free will that He gave us; but He has not surrendered His sovereign lordship over all of His creation. If He did, how long do you suppose the human race would last?

“No Weapon Formed Against Thee Shall Prosper”

Remember I Corinthians, Chapter 1: God’s foolishness is wiser than men, God’s weakness is stronger than men; and He uses foolish things of this world to confound the wise, weak things to confound the strong, things that are despise–and things which don’t exist, to bring to nothing t

Comments, Anyone?

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So far this is the weirdest day this blog has ever had.

When I opened it this morning, there were 206 views–as opposed to 20 or 30, which has been the usual lately. Two hundred views? That never happened before! Not even close.

And yet… all those views, and not a single comment. Is the comment thingy broken? More weirdness: none of the posts has been visited more than four or five times today, and most of them only once. That never happened before, either. Sunspots, maybe?

I do wish I knew where all those views came from: I might’ve done something that I could learn to do on purpose. But I can only sit here mystified.

I’m open to hearing any theories you might have.

Joshua & Jeremy: ‘There Shall Be Showers of Blessings’

It’s always a pleasure to post a hymn by our dear friends and colleagues, Joshua and Jeremy. Maybe someday we can get them to sing. Anyway, here they have one for us today: There Shall Be Showers of Blessings.

Why Do I Cover This ****?

20 Fun Facts About Vultures

At least vultures wait till it’s dead before tearing into the carcass. Democrats don’t wait.

Big Tech is really doing a number on Christian blogs. They’ve knocked my viewer numbers back to what they were ten years ago.

It’s quite discouraging. So is the nooze. The stuff that’s going on today would make a jackal retch. Fake news, fake government, fake science, fake religion, fake education.

(But dude, you keep writin’ about it…)

I have reasons for continuing to cover these stories. In no particular order, here are some of those reasons.

*We need for our prayers to acquire the target. Not that God needs any information we might give Him. But we need Him to know that we rely on Him for deliverance. We pray that He will smite the bad guys for us. And equip us to carry out His will: that takes courage sometimes.

*Incredible as it seems, there are still many people who do not know what we’re up against. They think our schools are all right. They think our government obeys the law [laughs hysterically for three minutes]. They see no harm in Drag Queen Story Hour. Not that they’re going to listen–but the watchman must sound the alarm whether the city listens or not.

*We want the Wokies to know they’re not fooling all of us, not for a New York minute. We want them to know we’re on to them, that we aim our prayers at them, that if we had any sense at all, we would never, never, never let them anywhere near our children.

*We hope that by defying the Democrat Woke Machine we will inspire millions of our fellow citizens to do the same… and bring the whole damned business crashing into ruin.

Anyway, that’s why I write about this stuff. It’s my calling. Woulda been nice if I’d been called to be an oil sheikh, but that wasn’t in God’s plan.


Snow? What Snow?

The Biggest Snow Storms in US History - HISTORY

Every ding-dong day on the YouTube home page, we get warnings, prophecies, and prognostications of monstrous winter snowstorms headed our way. I know it’s been snowing a lot in various places; but here in central NJ we’ve had a total of about half an inch, all told.

I’m tired! I’ve just finished a big repair job in the bathroom–I have no idea whether it will work at all–and I do not need a blizzard scare. But it’s the first thing I see when I turn on the computer.

Maybe I should just kick back and watch some of The Chosen, spend a little time with Jesus. Maybe some of the work I’ve done here during the week will bear fruit while I rest. Later, I think, a cat video…


Your Daily Writing Prompt (?)

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I don’t know, I suppose they mean well. WordPress now offers a “daily writing prompt,” in case you can’t think of anything to say on your blog.

Today’s prompt, for instance, is “Where would you go on a shopping spree?” My instinctive answer was, “The poor-house.” My mother, my father, my grandparents, my aunts–I never saw anybody in my family go on a shopping spree, any more than I ever saw them indulge in drinking or killing sprees.

The only people I EVER saw go on a shopping spree were characters in sitcoms and characters in comic strips.

But to answer the question:

I would go to Barsoom–which was Mars, as described by Edgar Rice Burroughs. You can get a lot of cool stuff on Barsoom which you can’t buy here on earth. Nifty sets of weapons, personal flying machines–you can even get invisibility paint, if you know where to look! (Uh… that didn’t come out quite right.)

And this is surely the only time in my life I have ever written about a shopping spree.

From Kristi Ann’s Haven–On Target!

You go, girl! You’ve hit the nail right on the head. This is a Bible verse we need for here and now.

Joshua 24:15 KJV Hallelujah Amen and More Blessings!!

You can’t be neutral. You can’t sit on the fence. Never mind that some churches–unworthy of the name!–are trying to do just that.

Joshua must have had a pretty good idea of the temptations that would confront Israel after his death. What could he do but warn them?

Those same temptations have blinded us, thousands of years later. Love of money, lust for worldly power over others, setting up idols and pretending to be gods–yes, Joshua knew what would be waiting for us down the road.

Food for thought–eh?

‘Light of the World’

Hardly anybody here today: somebody’s out there suppressing Christian blogs. So we have no hymn requests, I’m on my own… I’ll go with this: Light of the World by Charles Wesley, sung by Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band.

Mark Rushdoony: ‘Shouldn’t We Be Seeing Progress?’

Joshua and the Promised Land | Children's Bible Lessons

Passing over the Jordan in flood

How come it always looks like the ungodly are advancing and God’s people aren’t?

But this is why the Lord commands us, “Walk by faith and not by sight” (2 Cor. 5:7). Here, “walk” means whatever we say and do and think.

In his essay, Mark Rushdoony reminds us, surveying the Old Testament, that God has always saved His people in unexpected ways. But He doesn’t like it when we doubt His promises!

“Every generation” Mark writes, “has some very real fearful events and our perhaps more than any in the West for some time, but our comportment should be in terms of our faith, not doubt and fear.”

The villains in the story come and go–Assyrians, Babylonians, Mongol invasions, Third Reich, Soviet Union, etc., etc.–but Christ’s Church is always growing.

They should be more demoralized than we are!