All Is Not Well in Lib-Land

Why Gavin Newsom is striving for his next “Big Hairy Audacious Goal” |  CALmatters

Why is this man grinning?

Democrats have got some problems lately. But what’s bad for them is good for America. Always.

In California, a poll taken by UC Berkeley and the Los Angeles Times shows Gov. Gavin Noisome–sorry: Newsom–down by double digits as his recall election looms ( No clear front-runner has emerged yet, but get this:

Bruce Jenner, a man who now calls himself a woman named “Caitlyn,” is polling 4%. What does that mean? How many thousands of Californians want this guy for their governor? One shudders to think.

And in New York, Democrats are turning on Gov. Andrew Cuomo, big-time. State Assembly Democrats want him impeached, NYC Mayor “Bill DeBlasio” has called on him to resign, and even Sen. Chuck Schumer doesn’t seem to like him anymore.

Cuomo is in hot water for a multitude of sexual harassment allegations, some of which carry serious criminal penalties. What a difference a year makes! Even when he was shifting COVID patients into nursing homes, resulting in the deaths of thousands, Dems were still hailing him as “the anti-Trump.” Now they won’t return his phone calls.

And for an entire week, seven days in a row (July 28-August 3), the fake nooze network, CNN, failed to attract one million viewers. Maybe people are getting tired of a steady diet of Democrat propaganda.

Dems are always surprised by developments like this. That’s because they believe their own lies and don’t know any normal people who might correct them.

May we all live to say, with a sigh of the most profound relief, “And great was the fall of it!”

8 comments on “All Is Not Well in Lib-Land

  1. Makes you wonder, but this, too, could be another charade. Who knows what is really behind this. The way the party treated the Clintons, and still do, and obam, doesn’t add up, does it?

    1. If I were called upon to make a firm prediction, I’d say Cuomo gets away with it.

      I don’t think a big-name Democrat has gone to jail since the 1970s.

  2. I don’t believe anything will happen to Cuomo. The whole “sex scancal” is a distraction from his more serious crimes — like killing thousands of old people in nursing homes. I’ve seen crooked politicians pull this before. When I was young, my congressman was being investigated for possible mob connections during his time as chief of police, including his possible connection with a murder. Then a former campaign aide slapped him with a paternity suit, which immediately hit all the headlines — and people forgot about the murder investigation.

  3. It will be hard for Cuomo to stay afloat now that is whole party has turned on him. I actually think something will come of it, because he’s being used as their scapegoat.

    I think Larry Elder has a good shot in California, but it’s a up hill battle with all the fraud and corruption. Still, stranger things have happened.

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