I’ve Got My Author’s Copies (Hooray!)

I’ve got to get out there toot-sweet if I want to work on The Witch Box before the flamin’ heat kicks in: I reckon I have about an hour and a half of breathable air.

But I did want to tell you I got my author’s copies of The Wind from Heaven yesterday. And I must ask–Is there anyone out there who won a contest here some months ago, and wanted to wait for The Wind from Heaven as the prize? I have a nagging feeling that there is. Well, whoever you are, I certainly want you to get your prize, so please come forward.

My wife never read this book as it was being written, so the whole story will be totally new to her. The author can never have that experience. But we do get to know things before the reader does.

And now, out the door for a while.

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