Will Oregon Ban Hunting, Fishing… and Farming?

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We really have to ask–why is there so much craziness, these days?

“Animal Rights” activists (deliver us from activists!) are seeking 112,000 signatures by July 2022 for a petition to put a sweeping, breathtaking “animal rights” law up for a vote. If passed by a majority in the 2022 elections, the new law would virtually ban hunting, fishing, trapping, much of what we know as farming… and even some forms of pest control (https://www.yahoo.com/now/oregon-ballot-initiative-criminalize-hunting-180000451.html).  Catching a fish would be a form of “assault.”

No, this is not a satire. It’s happening in Oregon. That state where they’ve decided to suspend all academic requirements for high school graduation.

And don’t “assault” those cockroaches who are taking over your restaurant.

How will you protect your crops from insect pests? Plead with the locusts to go away? Offer them money?

And it will be against the law to slaughter animals for meat. Voila! Compulsory vegetarianism!

What do you want to bet the United Nations will endorse this? And the flatline churches? What a colossal opportunity for virtue signalling!

All they need is 112,000 people who are not all there, and they’re on the ballot next year.

Let’s just see how out to lunch they are.

3 comments on “Will Oregon Ban Hunting, Fishing… and Farming?

  1. I still say that while animals are wonderful, they still should be kept from becoming more important than humans. A lot of people, apparently, disagree. INSANE.

    1. These people! First they say we’re only animals, just another product of blind evolution; and then they say we can’t prey on other animals–a very common occurrence in the animal kingdom. So which is it?

  2. They don’t have a clue. They just want something to whine about. They want to appear as very compassionate, knowledgeable, wise, etc. They are none of these, just fools who dodge the truth on every level.

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