Oh, Boy! Time to Do the Drain!

How to Plumb a Drain - Sink Drain Pipes - YouTube

It’s time to unclog the drain beneath the bathroom sink!

Shouldn’t be that hard, should it? But don’t forget to factor in the heat of the day trapped in our radically tiny bathroom, and the virtual impossibility of finding a comfortable position from which to work. In short, I’m just a teeny bit too big for this job in this bathroom. Plus my right leg is still halfway out of the saga.

Nevertheless, it must be done and I’m going to do it, God willing.

Let’s see how long it takes. Synchronize your watches…

20 Minutes Later: Finished! What a man! But gee I hope I did it right. I think I did–but it’s a little hard to tell with your leg cramping under you and sweat pouring into your eyes.

Somehow the blasted thing never manages to get clogged in the winter!

7 comments on “Oh, Boy! Time to Do the Drain!

  1. Hey, what a coincidence! I just cleaned my bathroom sink drain, too! But I did it from the top, with those jagged-edged clog-pullers, or whatever they’re called. They don’t go all the way through the pipe the way a full-powered snake would do — or the way someone crouching and cursing as he takes apart the pipes under the sink would do — but they get the job done as long as I use them regularly. Messy, though. I usually douse everything in alcohol afterward.

    1. Can you send me a picture of that tool? I might want to try it next time.

      Oddly enough, though, my leg feels a little better after all that torment.

  2. As for the easing of your leg pain, that may be owing to what I call the liniment school of therapy, i.e., if the patient has a pain in one place, apply a worse pain in another place. 🙂 🙂

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