New Zealand Extends National COVID Lockdown

New Zealand's COVID-19 strategy criticised as lockdown extended | Reuters

Are we talking “ghost town” here? When do we get the people back?

Does this make sense to you?

New Zealand has a population of 5.1 million. Since the beginning of the pandemic, New Zealand has reported 2,698 COVID cases… with 26 deaths. Yes, we said 26.

In a year and a half, how many people in New Zealand die from other causes? Cancer, heart disease, auto accidents, accidents in the home, etc. Surely more than 26.

Nevertheless, the prime minister has extended the national lockdown (

Everyone must stay home. Physical contact will be allowed only among “those in their household bubble.” Bubble? They’re living in bubbles?

Businesses and schools will be closed, “only essential services” will remain operational. And no international travelers will be allowed to enter the country for the rest of 2021.

The new lockdown rules are to remain in force until midnight of August 29. Unless they change their minds and extend them again.

Is this response proportional to the stimulus? Come on–really? Or is it hyper-humanists shooting for a goal of “zero COVID”? They’ll give us an earthly paradise if they have to shove it down our throats and choke us.

Do we submit–all for our own good, of course!–or does the government wind up losing the consent of the governed? How much “safety” is too much?


10 comments on “New Zealand Extends National COVID Lockdown

  1. This, of course, is madness. The cabal that is aiming for their “one-world-government” are using these very strange methods. Of course, it is only their feeble attempt to gain utter control, to make everyone “know” that they must obey all orders of the leaders. First, you keep apart, alter personalities, then when you tell them it is time for everyone to get together, listen to one capable and grand leader, they will gladly listen.
    Oh, really?

  2. Massive protests are breaking out in Australia and New Zealand. It’s good to see some pushback, but tyrants find ways to deal with pushback. Meanwhile, some schools and (believe it or not) around here are starting to revive the mask mandates that had finally been loosened, and the forcible vaxx-or-be-fired policies are spreading. Unfortunately, the FDA has now been bullied into approving the Pfizer drug, even though there still hasn’t been a full testing program. This was obviously done to make it more difficult for people to invoke the Nuremberg Code.

    1. That should have read, “and (believe it or not) CHURCHES around here.” My brain got ahead of my fingers. Or vice versa.

  3. The government’s approach to keep people “safe” is akin to smothering them to death with a pillow.

    1. It’s also part of that weird humanist notion that government will abolish disease, if only we give it enough power–because government can do ANYTHING.

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