Biden Says ‘They Will Pay!’ (Don’t Hold Your Breath)

The New York Post cover on August 27, 2021. NIGHTMARE.

Tell me you’re surprised. The Taliban are running wild, killing people, blowing things up, Americans are dying in Afghanistan… but hey! Our doddering puppet of a president says, “They will pay!”

What’s he gonna do–make ’em all go into sensitivity training? Don’t go asking our generals what to do in any wartime situation: they’re concerned with white privilege and Climbit Change.

Is any bad guy in the world afraid of America now? Does anyone think our “leaders” are any more than d*****bags?

Yeah, well, at least this president (if you want to call him that) isn’t makin’ any mean tweets!

God help us–so much damage done in just eight months…

2 comments on “Biden Says ‘They Will Pay!’ (Don’t Hold Your Breath)

  1. Meanwhile, the administration just gave the Taliban a list of all the Americans, Afghani helpers, and allies still in Afghanistan, ostensibly so the people on the list could be let into the airbase space. Maybe we’re expecting the Taliban to “pay” us a fee for the hit list they now have. More likely we’ll be the ones paying ransom for the few people on the list that they decide not to kill. After all, the Koran tells them that once they’ve conquiered infidels, they can choose whether to kill, enslave, set free, or demand ransom for any of their captives. Historically, they’ve seldom chosen option #4 (set free).

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