Does Your Cat Hug You?

Don’t you love it when your cat does this–or something like it? When I lie down to read in bed, Peep comes up and rests her head on my hand. There’s something about animals loving us that’s in a class of blessedness all by itself.

2 comments on “Does Your Cat Hug You?

  1. Yes, it is wonderful. I have had several cats that did this. One I had when still in school would run up the walk quite a way to meet me on my walk home, and jump all the way up to my shoulders and ride home with me.

  2. I’m being cat-hugged, even as I write this. It is a blessing. I wouldn’t claim to be able to get deep inside the psychology of a cat, but there seems to be a sense of trust involved, and a seeking of comfort. I’ve observed this through several cats that I’ve had and it’s consistent. A little bit of affection, such as a simple stroke of the fur with my fingertip, seems to elicit a response of enjoyment. In return, I feel a sense of be8mg cared about.

    Nearly 20 years ago, I had a friendly and affectionate tomcat that seemed to want nothing more than to sit on my lap. I had to work late one night and a friend who was at my house told me that this cat was obviously bothered that I wasn’t home when he expected me. When I got home, he insisted on being held, leaned the top of his head against my chest and was obviously relieved. “Blessedness” was a good description of the feeling I had, that night.

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