Kittens Brown-Baggin’ It

Did you ever buy your cat a really expensive toy, and then call yourself a schmo because the cat’s only interest was the paper bag the toy came in? Maybe we’d understand if we had paper bags big enough for grown-up humans to play in.

Quote of the Day: “I’ve forgotten what I can’t remember.” –Violet Crepuscular

4 comments on “Kittens Brown-Baggin’ It

  1. I get nervous when I see people leaving shopping bags with handles around for cats to play with. Cats can get their heads caught in the handles and choke themselves. The other clips are cute, though. It’s amazing what fun cats can have with boxes and bags. But then, when we were kids we could have hours of fun making forts out of tables or blanket-draped chairs.

    1. Even if they don’t choke themselves, getting caught in the bag’s handle drives them crazy. So don’t give them bags with handles.

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