‘Keep the Komments Klean, Please’ (2015)

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I run this post every now and then just so new readers will know we have rules around here, albeit not many.

Keep the Komments Klean, Please

Most of the really rotten comments disappeared permanently, once I banned just a couple of leftid readers. There’s still plenty of trash in the old Spam bucket, but that just gets thrown out without being read. Some of these people just fan’t get it through their heads that I’m not going to publish them.

Really, it’s a much nicer blog without them.

P.S.–Hardly anybody here this morning! But that doesn’t mean I’m asking for a food fight.

3 comments on “‘Keep the Komments Klean, Please’ (2015)

  1. This insistence on civility — or at least absence of obscenity and threats — is one of the things I appreciate so much about your blog, Lee. Comments in some other blogs I read often make me cringe, and although the blog posts themselves are obscenity- and violence-free, the comments sections cast a shadow over them.

    The Babylon Bee and their spin-off, Not The Bee, also insist on avoidance of bad language. As a kind of satirical temper-venting mechanism, though, commenters may occasionally use the word “flowerbed” as a substitute for a bad word. (Note the caveat, “occasionally.”) This serves the purpose of allowing an occasional vent while making it obvious, even to the commenter, that such an impulse is a bit clownish anyway.

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