‘Cops Bust “Student Journalist” for Fake Death Threats’ (2018)

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In light of the supposed “threats” received by school boards from parents who detest the curriculum, we revisit this case from three years ago.

Cops Bust ‘Student Journalist’ for Fake Death Threats

How many times does it turn out that the poor woke “victim” is actually the author of the threats? How many of these jidrools have been caught vandalizing their own property so they can blame it on “haters”?

Now they’ve got the FBI “investigating” parents for this supposed multitude of “threats”–not a single one of which has been carried out. Betcha they’d find something if they investigated the National School Boards Assn.

Our “educators” are against us–and have been for a long time. They take our tax dollars and turn America’s children into useful leftist idiots. They have been fully exposed for what they are–a parasitic mass that will kill its host if it’s not cut off in time.

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