Is Nuclear Energy ‘Green’?

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster – Jennifer Straka


Y’know how I’ve been saying we live in an age characterized by lies, fraud, fake science, fake nooze, and double-talk? Well, what do you think of this?

Led by France, 10 European Union countries want to re-classify nuclear energy as “green energy,” so they can keep on using it (

“Green” means environmentally friendly.

Can you say Chernobyl? Can you say Fukushima?

Would you like some of that “green” nuclear waste dumped in your back yard?

The EU is kind of up a tree, though: the forecast is for a really cold, hard winter–brought to us by Global Warming!–and an awful lot of hardship, and maybe worse, if people can’t keep their homes heated. But at the same time, they want to “go green” to stop the Climbit Change that’s freezing their asses off… and for the other EU member states, led by Germany, that means cut way back on the nukes.

What’s an un-elected multinational government to do? So far, the EU bigwigs in Brussels have wisely done… nothing.

Do they honestly believe their choice is between freezing to death or roasting? Or is this just keeping the plebs keyed up with fear so they can rule them more easily?

Gee. Will France stay in the EU if the EU tells them they have to cut back on nuclear power, which provides some 70% of the energy they use? France dropped out of NATO once. No wonder the EU is looking for a miracle.

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  1. The fact that we are entering a Grand Solar Minimum would seem to play a major role in all of this. I had to start heating my home three weeks earlier that what is normal, this year. Virtually every year, I start heating on the last day or two of October, but this year it was the 11th. I also did some mowing that day, and had the hood up on my jacket. That’s winter weather, in these parts.

    Solar minimums are historic events and frequently coincide with volcanic activity, earthquakes and other not-so-pleasant events. It is thought that when the Sun is producing less energy, it also projects a weaker field, which gives us less shielding from Cosmic Rays, which in turn add energy to the magma. Well, we have a Solar Minimum, that’s pretty obvious, and we have volcanos erupting. I believe that there were eruptions in the Canaries, In the islands near Sicily, Hawaii and Iceland, all within the last month. There have been some moderate earthquakes as well, and from latest reports, things are not improving for the poor folk in La Palma.

    There was also a fairly large Coronal Mass Ejection, about 6 days ago. These can cause havoc with communications systems and disrupt commerce. Fortunately, this one was not too problematic, but CMEs can cause big problems, and the Sun is in a bit of turmoil, at the moment, so nothing would surprise me.

    Claim all they want with regard to Climbit Chains, but human activity could not possibly feed back to the Sun. This is bigger than anything the human race could ever imagine devising. If you detonated the largest manmade thermonuclear weapon imaginable on the surface of the Sun, it wouldn’t even be noticeable.

    Nuclear Power was the villain, not that long ago, but now it seems to be the darling of the Left. I am of a mixed mind, with regard to it. I believe that well designed reactors, which are not built on seismic faults, or in the logical path of a tsunami can be operated with relative safety, but that doesn’t address the disposal of spent materials. I don’t have enough information to feel comfortable in taking a side on this matter, except to say that it’s a complex issue, with very serious ramifications.

    I have to say that it’s more than ironic that the Left, which was against nuclear power seems to be changing their tune. The polarity of the political factions seems to be reversing.

    1. You’ve got cold weather, Erlene’s got snow… and I have a feeling that when Old Man Winter remembers New Jersey this year, he’s gonna kick us around the block.

      Man-Made Climate Change is a fatuous doctrine that only idiots believe in.

  2. Wind turbines and solar power are useless during a hard freeze. Sounds like they just want to classify nuclear energy as “green” so they won’t freeze to death. Here in Can’t blame them I suppose. We got a little taste of that in Texas last winter and it was not fun. I’m still not certain of the cause of it, but I suspect we too are too reliant on so-called green energy.

    I am not a fan of green energy. It’s unreliable, inefficient, and expensive. The only thing it’s good for is supplementing power. But as far as I’m concerned fossil fuels still reigns supreme.

    I don’t claim to know much about nuclear energy, but all in all it seems relativity safe. Chernobyl was the result of human error and Fukushima could have been avoided if it was designed better. Apparently, the backup generators weren’t built up high enough and got flooded.

    1. “Green” has become a label, and it has whatever meaning they desire it to have. There have been serious questions regarding wind turbines and solar power. IMO, both have a long way to go before they are ready for us to stake our lives and livelihoods upon. And it can be a matter of life and death. None of us are able to go completely off the grid, with very few exceptions, but as recent events in Texas so aptly demonstrated, it can happen quite easily.

      I don’t claim to be an expert on the power grid, but I know that it is not a simple thing. Keeping it reliable requires engineering know how, planning, good equipment and can’t be determined by what is politically palatable. I once worked in an area where the power distribution system, a tiny corner of the grid, experienced some equipment problems, and the results were horrid. Electricity is well known, but delivering it reliably is not as simple as it might seem. If you have reliable electrical service, it’s because some competent engineering went into the planning of everything from generation of power, to the meter loop that serves your home.

      Most “green” sources are dependent upon wind or sunlight, and these are not as rock steady as a generator powered by fossil fuels. While there are drawbacks to fossil fuels, they are still the best deal we have available to us. I’d love to see more developments with regard to energy, but so far, they have not found any magic solutions. We are still bound by the same laws of physics and chemistry that led to the development of the fossil fuel industry.

    2. If you can turn boys into girls and girls into boys simply by what you choose to call them, then of course you can make nuclear power “green”–and leftism “patriotic.”

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