Pet Rats? Of Course!

This video reminds me of our pet rats. They were smart, affectionate, and playful–really nice pets. Very well behaved in the car, too.

They had only one flaw. When you turned out the lights for bedtime, you would hear from the rats’ tank Whack-whack-whack-thump-thud–SQUEEEEEAK! So you turn the light back on and they’re both just sitting there, totally innocent: they’d whistle nonchalantly, if they could. Then you turn out the light again and they’d fight again. Sibling rivalry. Cats have it, too. *sigh*

3 comments on “Pet Rats? Of Course!

  1. When I played that, my cat got very interested in the soundtrack, until she saw the images of the rats on my iPad. Apparently she’s figured out what videos are. 🙂

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