Rest in Peace, Boomer

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We had a sad event in our neighborhood yesterday. Our neighbor’s dog died.

His name was Boomer. He was a big, brown-and-white pit pull with the personality of an angel. He was 16 years old–an age almost unheard-of in such a big dog. His human mommy took tender care of him.

He spent much of his time outdoors on his mattress, watching the world go by. He was always delighted if anyone came over to see him and give him a pet or two.

In several of the neighborhoods I’ve lived in, there was a dog like that–loved by everyone. When I was a little boy it was a dog named Brownie. He was free to wander up and down our dead-end street, and welcome everywhere. You could tell him your troubles. He was Brownie, and he listened.

God knows how we love our pets. It’s hard on us that their lifespans, compared to ours, are so short. But when you give your heart, you know it will someday be broken. We have to accept that, and rely on God to heal us.

Go in peace, Boomer. You were very well loved by very many people, and we’ll miss you.

And no, I can’t read this post aloud.

6 comments on “Rest in Peace, Boomer

  1. That is sad news. I know how that goes. Having lived so many years, I have seen a lot of treasured pets like this leave sad people behind

  2. I once had such a beloved dog, Leo. He has been gone over thirty-five years and I still miss him.

  3. I’ve learned that even the death of an animal can be very painful. Animals are out companions and friends. My cat is my last interaction I have at night and my first interaction every morning. She greets me when I come in the door and doesn’t like it when she sees me preparing t9 leave the house. When our God made these animals, He made them with us in mind, and animals are an essential part of our lives.

    I’m sorry to hear about Boomer. I know what you mean about friendly dogs; it seems that many neighborhoods have them. There is a big Tuxedo Cat in this neighborhood that makes his presence known. He’s not skittish or shy, like many cats. He’s very friendly to humans and to other cats.

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