More and More Families Leaving Public School

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(Thanks to Susan for the news tip.)

More and more parents last year, and earlier this year, pulled more and more children out of public schools; and fewer and fewer of them have been coming back (–public-schools/?fbclid=IwAR1TiErCVzweoAdMbORu61HJt33USWSPDJ3WPt0hZps_3duyxFQPFR75L0Y#.YWlfUNOoSbg.facebook).

Big-city school districts have been hard-hit, and because the amount of state aid given to a district usually depends on enrollment, these districts face “unprecedented drops in funding.”

Ain’t that just too bad!

It’s reported that vaccine mandates and mask mandates are the chief factors deterring parents from re-enrolling their kids in public schools. Get a shot that’s gonna give you heart disease before you’re old enough to vote–how attractive is that?

But there are other factors: school boards asking the FBI to “investigate” parents who object to their Far Left curriculum… critical race theory, anti-American “studies,” cheerleading for transgenderism. There’s plenty not to like!

Up until King COVID closed the schools and sent children home for “remote learning,” parents were able to avoid knowing what their kids were being… “taught”… in public schools. With the kids at home, parents finally saw and heard what was being seen and heard in classrooms. Mobs of irate parents have been thronging school board meetings all over America.

We are rooting–no, we are praying!–for public education to fail, collapse, and go extinct. The whole system has been captured by Marxist teachers’ unions and “educators” who want to turn America into a socialist landfill. Our local school boards don’t represent us anymore: they sic the FBI on us! We have no meaningful recourse but to pull our children out of there–the sooner, the better.

Kill public education, and the Far Left in America dies.

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  1. That has been an encouraging developmnet out of this whole stupid mess. I have friends who are home schooling their youngsters, and they plan to continue whether or not things change in that organization.

    1. I find it encouraging, too. From experience, I do hope parents realize that, if they don’t send their kids to school, the schools will try to come to them. Homeschooling parents have long fought to be able to educate their kids as they see fit, while school boards, teachers unions and government bodies have constantly tried to either make homeschooling illegal outright, or to control it. Over the decades, I’ve seen everything from teacher’s unions trying to make it so that only parents with degrees in education be allowed to homeschool, to trying to force homeschoolers to still do “school at home” through the school system, to governments trying to force curriculums that fit the agendas of special interest groups. During the last few years of homeschooling in one of the more pro-parent provinces, when it came to home schooling, we got a provincial government that tried to make it so that parents couldn’t “teach” their kids things “hate”, like homosexual activity being a sin, while homeschooling – but they were still “allowed” to talk to their kids about such things over the dining room table. The wording of the bill was so vague, however, it basically allowed the government to control every aspect of home schooler’s lives. Sadly, a lot of home schoolers actually were on board with this, because they didn’t want other parents to be able to teach their kids to “hate”. Useful idiots who were blind to how the proposed bill could affect them, just as easily. Thankfully, enough homeschoolers made enough noise the bill never passed, and a new government was elected soon after, but these sorts of attempts never end. Parents need to be constantly vigilant.

    2. I remember that bill.
      Tyranny is like water: it will seek out every crack, every gap, every pinhole… to get in and drown you.

  2. I see this covid planneddemic by the globalists, has had a few good side effects which they were probably not counting on. Too many people waking up to their evil, the numerous deaths and harm caused by the injections, people pulling their children out of government schools, and resistance coming from many across the earth. Yes, let’s pray public education dies a quick death.

    However, Christians need to be ready to step-in and show the way, after public education, the financial system goes belly-up, and numerous things, public utilities such as water and power fall apart, and companies go bankrupt because good men and women (Christians) were not at the helm, guiding those companies, using the Good Book as their guide book.

    Christian businessman John Wanamaker demonstrated how the Kingdom of God should operate in the life of a Christian. His is the unlikely rags-to-riches story of a devoutly religious man whose exemplary Christian ideals forever changed how business is conducted in America and around the world. If most business CEO’s were like Mr. Wanamaker, what a wonderful country the USA would become in a very short time. You never heard of John Wanamaker, well, there is good news, you can read a bit about him in my new book “Israel, Rapture, Tribulation: How to Sort Biblical Fact from Theological Fiction.” It’s available to buy in eBook, paperback, or hardcover. Or, you can read it for free on my website” It’s in Chapter 12, subheading “Demonstrating the Kingdom.” I would love to read any comments, or if someone would do a review, that would be great.

  3. I lived in Wisconsin years ago. I wanted to home school my three, which had been attending two different public schools for years. I did not look up the “laws,” rulings, or regulations that may have been put in place by the powers that be concerning homeschooling. I did not fill out any paperwork, nor did I give their schools any information (nor the State of Wisconsin), I just told the principal they would be attending a different school. And if needed, I would come by and pickup any records the school may have. I gave the school officials no other information.
    These were my children; I can educate them anyway I please. Parents only have problems when they get involved with the government, school, state, or federal. Keep away from government officials, school or otherwise, fill out no paperwork concerning your children, where they will be attending “school.” I had no problems, and most of those who do, have somehow gotten the government involved someway, and now the “government” knows your private business, and you may be hung in the morning.

    1. Of course I don’t think what you did was in any way wrong–but I’ll bet they would have thrown the book at you, had they known what you’d done. You probably violated half a dozen bureaucratic procedures (that no elected representatives ever voted for). Oh, government hates to be snookered!

  4. Maybe, but at least I would not have been thrown to the wild beasts in the Roman Colosseum. Doing what pleases God and what He would have His people do, is never unlawful. Any procedure passed by bureaucratic officials that violates God’s will is unlawful and must be done away with or violated.
    Besides that, in the USA, there is a limit on such things, the First Amendment, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” educating my children would fall under that Amendment, exercising the right of my religion, which means educating my children as I see fit.

  5. I did the same thing when I moved to the Philippines with my two-year son (except I never placed him in any public school when the time would have come to do so). I still have no idea what “laws” they may have regarding home schooling, I never looked it up, and never said a word to any government official about what I planned to do, I just went ahead and did what would be pleasing to God. Every Christian should do the same thing. But also, be prepared, for there may be opposition by the powers that be.

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